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Reader 'Field Report' Guidelines

Jump in on any story and have a go at being a ZWN iReporter. We will give the story your name credit of course.

Don't write a report that is out of context. Not believable or just too big.

Example: A report about you being barricaded in a mall in Milwaukee whilst 1000's of Zombies attack would not be published. why? because the outbreak has just started to trickle into the USA. There is no major outbreak in the US at this point. Every report doesn't have to be epic in scale. Part of the fun of this site is having a platform to explore the smaller details, the personal stories and lives that are affected. So perhaps pick a more personal approach. A small incident. Or even tag onto a current story. Take it in a new direction.

Don't worry if you don't consider yourself a writer. We will tidy it up. It's the idea that really matters most. And as for photos. Sure, if you have anything we can use, send it. (Observing copyright laws of course). Otherwise, don't worry, we can add graphics ourselves.

PLEASE keep your story original. The reader who submits the report is responsible for it's content.


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