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Zombie Hunter Group Suffers Heavy Losses - Disbands
Posted Jan 18th. 2015, ZWN (AP)
Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Mexico zombie hunters 'The Furies', spotlighted in a ZWN article HERE, have officially disbanded.

The only announcement made to the press was via their Twitter account. It simply read "Furies are no more. Good luck with all that, NM" (The NM presumably abbreviating New Mexico.

The Furies were well known for their theatrical approach to zombie killing. Dressing in the attire of The Baseball Furies from the cult Warriors movie, this young group of 12 team mates made a name for themselves fighting zombies throughout New Mexico and over the border too.

In fact the Fedaralies would often call on them for dangerous eradication operations.

So what happened and why did they disband?

ZWN spoke to officials on both sides of the border. The story we got in return underlines the dangers faced by zombie hunting teams on a daily basis.

Apparently, the Furies had been requested to neutralize a pocket of undead activity in Chihuahua, Mexico. They dispatched all but three of their members. The operation took no more than 2 hours. A total of 27 zombies were killed in a small town south west of Santa Eulalia.

The group then went in pursuit of a large band of herding undead, last reported about 40 miles south of their current position.

Little is known of what happened next. A radio message sent by the team suggested that they had mechanical trouble with their one fortified mini bus.

"They shouldn't have gone out in the desert in that." said local official "Gabriel Guiterrez. "It's not off road. Zombies don't stick to roads, they would need to go off road. They should have known that."

They requested an extraction from the local police. But it was approaching nightfall. By the time their bus was located it was the next day. An encircling helicopter reported zero activity at the site. When police ground forces finally arrived, it was confirmed that all nine on board had been killed and were in early stages of reanimation.

They were subsequently rekilled.

"This is a tragedy. These were all young people. So sad" said a a police spokesperson.

The deceased are:
Miles Jaffrey (21)
Jazon Keens (21)
Vicki James (18)
Ivan Meadoworth (22)
Gail Tiggs (20)
Stephanie Kreedel (24)
Nat Philbrick (27)
Uli Davidous (18)
Chris Porters (19)

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