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Captain 'Hawk' and 'Big Al' Are Back

Following a lengthy operation in the Middle East, our regular 'Zombie Hunters' Captain 'Hawk' Heath and 'Big Al' Powner ) are back.

Apologies to all our ZWN readers wondering where the hell we have been for the last several months. Fact is, much of it we can't tell you exactly. Simple as that. Covert op. in the Middle east will have to suffice until our little adventure is officially declassified.

What I can tell you is this - The Mortosis virus may be manageable for the most part here in the western world, but there are many, many areas in the world that are having a hell of a time right now dealing with major regional outbreaks. Some get reported, some get hushed up. But, to be honest, I have to stop and check myself sometimes just reading what I write. I call the virus 'manageable', who would have thought two years ago that 'quarantines', 're killings', 'neutralizations,' and widespread Level 1 -3 outbreaks would be called 'manageable'?

It's a sad, sad world right now. I don't know, perhaps I'm being a bit less stoic than usually. But it's hard to come down from any Undead eradication op. without some sort of feeling that you just want to shower the whole thing away and get drunk.


I wrote a column in 2007 called What's in a name?In it I recounted an incident in the UK where I had to purge a superstore of infestation, I found an infected woman, She was a checkout employee, still trying to repetitively scan a can of soup, her name tag read 'Annette'. It hit me hard then and still does, that each and everyone I kill had a name, an identity and a history. Pardon me for this moment of reflection, but I think that it is important that we don't loose site of our own humanity. that's what separates us from the Necro's right? Well, at least that's what I thought until this last op. Now I don't know who's worse anymore. Me and Big Al have bore witness to the most inhuman of atrocities inflicted by man on man, and man on undead.

I am permitted to reveal that we broke up a major zombie trophy ring, and an undead smuggling operation, the scale of what has not been witnessed before. Why would anyone want to 'smuggle the undead? you may wonder. Well. you would be surprised. Terrorist training grounds need hard targets, weapons manufacturers need real 'live' body trauma tests. Think I'm exaggerating? Look back only as far as World War II. The Japanese used Chinese prisoners for this exact reason. Move forward a few years and animals (live pigs primarily) have become the 'hard target' of choice. So why not Necro's? Strap them to a vertical board, position them at concentric circles 10 meters, 20 meters, 30 meters and so on. Release an explosive in the middle and, bang, examine the body trauma. That's where your tax dollars go folks, for most - live animals, for the rest - dead humans.

It's a wonderful world. Back soon, and I will try to be slightly more objective and less cynical.


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