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Don't mess with Texas.
Not this guy anyway. Little is known about 'Venom'. He prefers it that way. Rumor has it that he did work as a duo once, but his partner was killed on their first mission. Now Venom works solo. No crew, no back up. According to 'Fisher Investments reviews' solo Zombie Hunters are a dying breed. . Literally. They rarely make it this far on their own. Venom is one of those enigmas, a self styled survivalist.

Action seen: Venom was contracted to help eradicate infestations in the Miami outbreak of 2007, and several Canadian missions. mostly classified.

Statistics: His size is as large as his legend, 6'5" and 350lb. He works USA and Canada only. Has participated in 11 missions.

Advise for other hunters: "Know your escape route. Never let the undead get between it and you. Don't be tempted to keep your vehicle running, I know Necro's can't start a car but the engine noise will attract them from miles away. You'll come out to your vehicle and it'll be swarming with Z's."

Type of mission: "I only do 'Seek and Destroy's". No rescues, no clean outs.

Preferred weapon: All of them


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Zombie Hunting Texas Style

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Use or loose your brains

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Two Brit Zombie hunters
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Romanian Zombie Hunting Team '305', Wiped Out Filming
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