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Top 10 things to consider when encountering a Zombie

Always maintain maximum distance between you you target.

2. The only way to drop a Zombie in one shot is a 'cranium shot' This is hard enough to do if the target is just standing there. But if its coming towards you, then please rememberthat in the movies a total novice becomes a deadeye overnight. In real life, most people would realistically need to be within ten feet to pull off a cranium shot with a hand gun, , or a two second distance. Take a beat to aim before shooting. You miss, you probably wont get a second shot.

3. Go for a 'face blast'. Hit the face as many times as you can and hope for a lucky cranium shot. At least you will probably take out the eyes, rendering it blind. Or most of it's teeth, That will decrease it's damage capabilities. If you are in a group, and it's possible, then call out the target and ALL of you take it out at once. Just make sure you are all facing IT and not each other.

4. In a melee situation, if you only have a hand weapon, NEVER GET WITHIN ARMS REACH unless unavoidable.

5. Knee shot. (Melee) If it's coming towards you, and you only have a hand weapon. Let it approach, step to the side and swing at the knee. then take out the other knee. Dropping the target and minimalizing it's danger.

6. 'Face blast'( Melee)(see #3) try to take out the eyes and teeth. This will not kill the Zombie, but it will render it ineffective long enough for you to circle behind it and execute a cranium shot. Only attempt if you have an extended weapon, such as a shovel or an axe.

7. Neck shot (Melee) Try to sever the spinal chord. If you succeed in this maneuver, the Zombie is rendered virtually harmless thereafter.

8. Tazer - Forget it. Undead do not have a functioning central nervous system.

9. Pepper spray - About as useless as kicking it in the bollocks.

10. ALWAYS wear protective eyewear and mask. Always wash in bleach, or dispose/burn clothing after an attack. The necro mortosis virus is not air bourne but it is still highly contagious if it enters the blood stream. If you are cut it can enter an open wound. So wear gloves and thick clothing. A strong jacket can protect you from an aggressive zombie bite.

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