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Mr. Grinder
and 'The Firm'

'We bash for cash.'

Englands 'The Firm', as legend has it, grew out of the sinister world of the London Underground (and we don't mean the subway system). It spread into the lucrative business of, as they prefer to call it, - 'Zombie Disposal'. They saw this as a way of legitamizing their already vast holdings of arms and cash.

Officially, Great Britain still does not allow the possession of fire arms. However, private licenses can be attained for rural needs, security companies and most recently Zombie Hunting. According to Greater London Police Chief Stewart Wise, this exploitation of a legal loophole can mean the laundering of money and guns. There has been a cat and mouse game between The Firm and London Police for the many years.

Their secretive leader (pictured above) and known only as Mr. Grinder has never been formally identified. However, several of his subordinates have been in and out of jail for crimes ranging from assault with grievous bodily harm, to armed robbery and extortion.

Their tool of choice when 'Zombie bashing' tends to mimic the cult 1969 movie 'The Italian Job' (original version). Full body overalls. crash helmet with protective face grid and baseball bat .Although for fire power they favor sawn off shotguns (the 'go to' weapon for most London mobsters).

Management style: The Firm will only consider European contracts. Due to their questionable past their visas are not welcome in most other countries. They have worked extensively in Spain, Bosnia, and Italy as well as several smaller UK outbreaks.

Employees: Their numbers are rumored to be between 25 'upper level management' to as many as 150 'staff'.

Mission statement: "We bash for cash".

Press release: "F**k off........NOW' was the only comment ZWN received when approaching The Firm for a statement

Accounts preferred: Cash money or gold bullion only. No rescues, no working for Governments.

Sawn off shotgun, Baseball bat

Resume (CV): 'Official count' (as required for financial compensation) = 787 re killings.

Holdings and assets: One casino (Manchester) , two hotels (E. London) , one dog track (Reading) , one taxi company (N. London), seven public houses (E. London), undisclosed amount of cash and stocks.

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