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Looting is against the law. This article is intended for situations arising from a 'category A' outbreak only

For most of us, this scenario may never happen. But for many people throughout the world, people in major towns and cities, the unthinkable already has. A 'level three' outbreak - a full blown zombie infestation. You have all seen the footage on ZWN and other news organizations. Whole towns overrun. Even entire cities lost to undead hordes. But what of those who survive? those who do not, or cannot run. We have compiled the following article to help you to coordinate and focus your efforts for survival.

This article is about store raiding, so lets assume you have consolidated your home base already. Ideally you will need at least four people for a typical operation. 1 person to stay at the base and defend it and 3 to go on the operation.

1: Vehicle to take: Box van or large SUV. (Not an open pick up truck)

You need a large vehicle. An SUV would be a minimum requirement. The reasoning being that you will be going to a lot of trouble and risking your lives to raid these stores, and once you are in there, you will see all kinds of things you need. Three people will occupy seating already, so you don't want a small town car for this. Don't be tempted by pick-up trucks. They are too easy for a zombie to access. Would you want to be in the back?

2. Type of store to raid:
Priority one - Gun store
Two - Hardware store
Three - Supermarket
Four - Pharmacy.

We won't focus on the gun store too much. It's pretty self explanatory anyway. Basically, the larger the better. Grab a mixed bag if you can. Rifles with sites for snipering, shot guns for close quarters, and handguns for uncomfortably close quarters. Stay away from 9mm or under unless you are a head shot ace.

So lets take a look at the hardware store.
Take into account that almost all stores will have been heavily looted already. It's human instinct. For an example, look at the LA riots or New Orleans riots.

1. A medium sized hardware store would be best. Not a Home Depot. They are vast and assuming the electricity is out, those long dark isles could be dangerous. Either way, pick your store. Do a reconnaissance. Drive round the entire building. Note all possible and actual points of entry (forced or otherwise). Reverse the vehicle so the rear faces the entry. This ensures a minimum loading time and quick getaway.

2. One person stays with the vehicle. The others (two minimum) walk the peripheral isles, ensuring that all isles are secured BEFORE going down the isle. (See diagram below).

Assuming you will have at least some rudimentary hand weapon with you. Make sure it's a close quarters one. You may not have much room to swing it. Handy thing about hardware stores is that they are wide. This gives an extra advantage in melee situations.

Once the store is deemed secure, it's shopping time.

Rule one: DON'T get carried away!. This is a common mistake. People load up with all sorts of junk and then have no room to fit it all in the vehicle.

'Class A' items to pick:

Hand tools that can become weapons

i.e. crow bars, small axes, mallets, etc. Remember though, if you have to wield is, make sure you can handle it. You don't want to swing with a heavy mallet, miss and take valuable seconds trying to haul it upright again. One often overlooked weapon is a 5' spike found in any gardening department. It's used for rock breaking. Weighs about 20lb though, so a lot of upper body strength is needed. The advantage of this weapon is that when you lunge it at an undead, they will always go down no matter how large or fat. The shear momentum carries it through the necro's body. But retrieval may be an issue.

Other items: Generator and fuel, flashlights, radio (battery powered), gardening gloves (necro's cannot bite through them), propane and camping stove. (gardening section), batteries, water and gatorade (there is always a drinks merchandising display near checkout), extension cords, battery powered hand drill, reciprocating saw and circular saw, screws (galvanized deck screws, NOT drywall), two way radios.

'Class B' items to pick out:

Unless you have a large truck, don't be tempted to get large sheets of plywood, they are heavy, and takes up too much space in the vehicle. Try to get metal fencing. Its strong as hell, and makes a good initial barrier. (see below.) Downside is, necro's will be able to see inside and consequently always be aware that you are in there. You can always add wood later though. It usually comes in 6' - 8' sheets


Also, consider 'concrete mesh' (see above). It comes in rolls so takes up little room but is easy to install. It is surprisingly strong. Flexibility adds another advantage. Don't forget wire clippers!

'Class C' items to pick out:
Cooking utensils, chain, wire ties (strong and easy to link fencing with), bleach to wash clothes (because infected blood transfers the virus), buckets for washing clothes, they also function as makeshift toilets. Paint, so that you can paint a roof sign on top of your compound showing rescuers that you are alive. Remember to continually update the sign with a recent date, so a helicopter will know the sign is not old and that you are still alive. DO NOT paint a sign on the walls. Other survivors will know you are alive and could raid you themselves.

Extra room? get camp beds, extra clothing.

Get out ASAP.

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