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'Stone Colds,
Shadow Co.'

Meet the fighting Irish.

'Stonecold the Hunter' and his two mates form 'The Shadow Company'. Word is the crew are off to Fingal, North Dublin to clean up residual flair ups from a recent outbreak in the Grange Abbey area of Dublin.

The Shadow Company have been full time Zombie Hunters since early last year. Quitting their day jobs. "It's more money, lots more. and it's fun." said Stonecold. "We just came back from the Belfast outbreak a few weeks back. It was great, we were contracted by a big corporation (can't say who). They gave us a bounty for each Necro we bagged. We got 11 in three days. That was the fun part. Until you have to do all that paper work with the Garda (Police). Every kill has to be bagged, tagged, documented and investigated."

Most original kill: "One Zombie took 20 minutes to kill. I hit it with everything I could pick up. Everything. I was knackered (exhausted). They don't run out of breath do they. We went from room to room, fighting. I got my breath back by pinning it against a wall for a while with a big old chair. When it finally went down it had so much shit sticking out of it, knives, broken glass, a crow bar through the ribs, It was a melee fight and I couldn't get to it's head. I'd lost my weapons. In the end I managed to take a leg out, it fell and I dropped a Telly on it's head."

Advise for other hunters: Always mask up. I had a mate who never got bit by a Zombie. Ever. But he went Necro anyway. Got infected blood on his sleeve. Wiped his face with his arm. That was it. Went in his mouth. We wash and bleach all equipment after every mission.

Preferred weapon: Pump-action Remington 870

Confirmed undead body count: 33

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