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The mysterious 'Red'.
So little is known about this zombie hunter that any search on the internet including Wikipedia will most likely leave you as uninformed as before. In a time when zombie hunting is big business, and celebrity status can be attained overnight, the woman known as 'Red' remains somewhat of an enigma.

These are the only known photos of 'Red'.

First reports of 'Red' began to emerge back in October 3rd, 2007 during the Miami quarantine. Local newspaper Miami Independent, ran an article as follows: "During what was perhaps the worst period in the Miami quarantine., An unknown woman appeared seemingly out of nowhere to rescue a bus load of private citizens. Witnesses say that though they could not provide an accurate description of the woman, she appeared to be rather young, more like a street urchin than a zombie hunter. Her clothing was described as a mix and match combination of garments, consisting of several layers, but no body armor that anyone could see. Her most memorable feature was a shock of bright red hair.

"It seemed to come in handy," said one unidentified witness, who works as a bank teller in downtown Miami, "One of the dead tried to grab her by the hair, but couldn't get a solid grip. It was like she just brushed him off. The next minute, it's head was spinning on the ground. It all happened so fast."

The Miami Independent then ran a second article dated October 6th. "A group of 14 transit passengers found themselves stranded in the quarantine zone late in the evening of October 4rd. because their driver, 50 year old Albert Dubois, suffered a minor heart attack. Forced to stop the bus, Dubois called for assistance and an ambulance. Several passengers on board state that within a few minutes the first of the undead arrived, and began an attempt to pry their way into the vehicle.

By the time the unknown zombie hunter arrived, they were surrounded by several undead.

"We heard this hacking sound, like the kind of thing you'd hear at a butcher shop," One woman stated, "And when we started looking around, a lot of them were already dead. This woman was just laying into them. I'd never seen anything like it. I think she must have had some martial arts training."

Witnesses say that the unidentified vigilante was armed only with an 18"" machete and what looked like a "long handled shovel attached to the other end.

The dispatched ambulance was ordered to wait until an armed Police escort could be coordinated to protect it. And so it arrived fifteen minutes after the attack first began, but by the time it did, the small red haired woman was nowhere to be found. Mr. Dubois was taken to the hospital and deemed in satisfactory condition, and all of the passengers checked out to be free of any Necrosis infection and virus contamination."

Weapons of choice:
18" Machetes (2) . Modified version of Shao-lin spade

It is a widely held belief that 'Red' is an Asia/ American woman who travels between countries pursuing Categrory 'A' outbreaks only. As of this time, the woman now simply known as "Red" has made several more brief appearances on the North American continent during times of potential quarantine and outbreaks. She was briefly sighted in Mexico around the same time that several headless bodies were recovered by authorities, although Government officials are quick to point out that those discoveries were determined to be non necro-mortosis related. She was also spotted in Texas, where she was reported to have cleared a building of reanimates, in order to rescue seven people trapped on the top floor. She has never been known to carry any firearms, and a complete description remains elusive, as witnesses in every account say that she seemed to take great care hiding her identity with the use of bandannas, though her signature hair remains uncovered. In all cases, Red refused any reward or compensation, and disappeared shortly after clearing the premises of the undead.

'Red' has attracted an almost cult like following in Japan. Young fashionistas dye their hair a shocking bright orange/red to emulate their hero. Many have claimed to actually be the elusive zombie hunter. But further media investigations have exposed all these claimants to be false, leaving the question to remain...who is 'Red'?

Type of mission:Operates within Japan and the USA. details unknown.

Confirmed undead body count: 30-45 confirmed.

ZWN Editorial Comment: We asked our own resident zombie hunter columnist, Capt. 'Hawk' Heath, if he could comment on this unusual addition to our 'Zombie Hunters from around the world' section. He said the following: " We've definitely heard of her. Her name comes up occasionally. But I don't know anyone who has actually seen her first hand. I do have to say that I'm a little concerned with the photos you have of her. they show her clearly engaging in dangerous undead activity with no visible protection whatsoever. Eye protection and a surgical mask are the absolute minimum. I've heard she wears bandannas but don't see any in the photos. Perhaps they are for disguise only? I see a lot of blood on her and just a small amount ingested could bring on full blown necro-mortosis."

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