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'The Baseball 'Furies'

Anyone who has seen the 70's cult classic movie 'The Warriors' will instantly recognize the imagery below. 'The Furies' were one of several violent gangs who populated a dangerous route that the 'Warriors' had to travel to get back from the Bronx to Coney Island.

Dressed in New York Yankee baseball outfits and with multi-colored face-paint, the Furies don’t speak and armed with baseball bats, silently chase after The Warriors. They are a gang of striking appearance and mute nature. It is this imagery that Albuquerque, New Mexico zombie hunters have adopted. Why New Mexico and not New York? "There wasn't enough business in New York" says "appointed leader Tye Threese. "We are all from there originally. But New York is pretty locked down. It doesn't have a big zombie problem. And when it does, it won't let 'Z' hunters in. It's a lock down."

"So we moved out here because you get them across the border all the time. The Federalies are happy to hire us. They do it all the time. Don't pay much but it's fun."

Why the costumes?:
One thing that strikes you as soon as you meet 'The Furies' is their youth. The average age of this 12 men and 2 women team is 20. They are obsessed with 'The Warriors' movie. They follow the NY Yankees religiously and they have an energy. A dangerous, palpable unpredictability. However, unlike the fictional gang they portray, they are far from mute. They loved sharing with this ZWN reporter blow by blow accounts of their exploits. Most of these adventures are in Mexico because over the border they have a lesser concern about their young age. In the USA you have to be 21 to be a licensed zombie hunter in most states. In Mexico you simply need a bat.

They have never lost a member to zombification, but they have lost 3 members to injury. All sustained during frenzied Melee fights. They don't use guns because guns are loud and attract other zombies. And well, lets face it, it wouldn't go with the image. So baseball bats it is.

"'Cave' fell from a window, he was cornered in a house in Sonora, It was 2 stories up. He didn't jump. He was a big dude and not that agile really. But he tried to climb out onto a pipe or something and it broke under his weight. He was wearing lots of protective padding but he still broke both his ankles and he never came back"

"Then there was Maisy. She left with 5 cracked ribs. Thanks to a fight in a corridor. She was hitting this huge zombie dude and he just wouldn't go down. No (expletive) way. So she screamed for help, and Ben came up behind it and whacked it too hard and it just fell forward like a tree. Boom right on top of Maisy. Busted her ribs."

There are no shortage of volunteers to replenish the lost numbers, but as Tye explains to me, "we keep it small so it doesn't get too hard to handle. We all know each other. All hang out together. Party together. You have to be a Yankees fan (laughs) I know we are all pretty young, but we're tight. but we've been doing this for a while now. But if you get someone who is new they can go crazy. It's just too much for some people to handle. They think it's all fun, and it is (laughs) but it's serious stuff too. You make a mistake and your (expletive) dead

Then we got this older dude who tried to take over. We had to make him leave. I think he formed his own team or something."

How's Business?
It's always busy in Mexico. But theres getting a lot of competition. Especially from the locals. There was even one team that said they were us. Seriously, they dressed like us and tried to claim they were us. But they got annihilated on their first mission. Yeah. Our families were freaking out, cause they thought it was us who went down there. They saw it on CNN and everything. But we were all here reading it too.

Weapon of choice: Customized baseball bats


Confirmed undead body count:
62 confirmed


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