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AKA: 'The Ghost'

Italy's most famous Zombie Hunter is no doubt 'Fantasma' (AKA: The Ghost). Although his identity is strictly guarded, his name, image and reputation have reached cult status in Italy. Rumors abound as to the identity of this self styled 'spectral' like assassin who has reputedly killed more than 600 re animates. He is the only Zombie Hunter ZWN has spotlighted so far that actually has an action figure made in his image.

During the 2007 infestations in the Apulia region of Bari , Fantasma was contracted to clean up the high rise sections of the city that had become breading grounds for the undead. This is the area notorious for the massacre of famed USA Zombie Hunter Michael 'Big Dog' Goodson and his crew of 5 hunters. 'The Ghost', as legend has written it, single handedly 're killed' 187 roaming undead from his secluded street level hideaway of rubble and debris.

Method of operation:
Fantasma always works alone. He has been known to stake out particular 'Zombie hot zones' for days without moving one inch from his seclusion. He will pick off entire contingents of undead who tend to 'herd' together through overrun areas. The bodies will often fall several deep by the time he calls in for clean up assistance.

Limited edition 'Fantasma' action figure.

It is believed that Fantasma charges a 'per kill' compensation.

The legend:
Apart from the rare publicity photos released (see above). Fantasma keeps his identity guarded. It is strongly rumored that he is in fact Alessandro
Fanto (39) an ex Captain from the Italian army's Folgore Parachute Brigade. Despite many attempts by the Italian paparazzi, any photograph of Fanto linking him with Fantasmo has so far proved to be elusive .

Amongst the more outlandish rumors are that Fantasma is himself actually an Undead soldier. Trained by the army he resorts to old instinct and sensory memory to eliminate those within his sites.

Fantasmo's furthest confirmed distance kill was 1,970 meters However, in the Afghanistan War, snipers from the Canadian Army broke the record with a shot of 2,430 meters (2,660 yd).

Type of mission:Italy only. Contract details unknown.

Hardware: The WA 2000 - Probably the best Sniper Rifle ever made. The WA 2000 was originally designed as an Olympic target rifle but became popular as a Sniper Rifle. Only a total of 72 of these rifles were made and in only three different calibers, .300 Winchester Magnum, .308 (7.62 Nato), and 7.5x51mm Swiss. The 'Ghost' prefers the .300 Winchester Magnum which the rifle was original design to use. We know this because finding and selling Fantasma's spent rounds has become quite a cottage industry in Italy. A confirmed shell from Fantasma can fetch the dollar equivalent of $30 - $50 on ebay.

We think the .300 was chosen as hisprimary caliber because of its long range accuracy and its consistency at all ranges.

Confirmed undead body count: Over 600

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