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Vatican City (AP)
ZWN Field reporter Jack Duffy.

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The Holy See has released an Encyclical Letter to be read to Roman Catholic congregations during worship services in an effort to confront "the growing wave of hysteria, religious radicalism, and heresy" that is sweeping the globe in the wake of the 'Necro-Mortosis' virus.

The Letter attempts to dispel some of the most common myths
surrounding the 'Undead Virus," place the nature of the outbreak "into a context of faith," provide spiritual comfort and support to those affected and fighting the outbreak, and "shine a beacon of Truth that
will lead all God's children through this dark time."

Among other issues, the Letter states; the reanimation of the dead
flesh of those infected with the 'Necro-Mortosis' virus is not the
Resurrection, the Undead are not possessed by demons or spirits, the
rise of the virus does not indicate the coming of the Apocalypse, the
soul of the deceased does not remain in the body after reanimation,
the spread of the infection has nothing to do with the infected's
moral decisions, lifestyle choices, or personal religious beliefs,
killing the Undead is neither murder nor a sin, unless done in a
sporting or desecrating fashion, once re killed, the Undead may be
buried in consecrated ground, and cremation is an acceptable method to
dispose of infected corpses.

The document concludes, "The 'Necro-Mortosis' virus is a disease, and
must be treated as one. It is not the Wrath of God, but a test of our
Humanity. A test of whether we can accept and deal with the evils we
have inflicted upon each other and all God's Creation through our own
free will."

"The greatest evils and plagues of history have not been sent out by God, but have arisen because of Man's upsetting of the balance of God's Creation." Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Fr. Michael Traxi of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia explains, "The
Holy Father is clarifying to us that the 'Necro-Mortosis' virus is not
of God, but Humanity. The greatest evils and plagues of history have
not been sent out by God, but have arisen because of Man's upsetting of
the balance of God's Creation.

"The Lord ordained Humanity to be stewards of his Creation, and the
simple fact is we have not tended his garden well. While the exact
cause of the virus has not been definitively determined, it is the
position of the Church, which is shared by the vast majority of the
scientific community, that Humanity's devastation of the environment
and quiet acceptance of the unsanitary conditions, and lack of
adequate healthcare among the poor of the world, served as the
incubator of the virus. We can now only pray to God that he will lead
us out of the mess we have created."

Leaders of other major religions quickly followed suit and issued
either statements of support for the Vatican Letter, or similar
versions clarifying specific issues to their faiths. The Archbishop
of Canterbury issued a statement praising the Vatican Letter, and
claimed the homicidal nature of the Undead is "quantitative evidence"
of the existence of the soul, "Thousands of verified cases show the
Undead arise sometimes within one to four minutes of death and are
immediately aggressive. However, we know that thousands of hospital
patients are resuscitated daily within the same time frame and suffer
no ill affects or brain damage from the event. The only explanation
for this fact is whatever makes a person a person, that being a soul,
is gone."

Others disagree
Other religious leaders are not so kind. The Reverend Art Bender,
host of "SPLASH! Take a Bath in the Spirit!" the popular American
non-denominational religious program, says. "This is nothing but the
Papists trying to lead the flock into Damnation. How can anyone sit
there and claim that the dead returning to life is not a sign of the
End Times? It's right in the Bible! Just wait and see, Brother
(referring to this reporter), if we allow homosexuals into our homes
and schools, Jews to run everything, blacks to marry whites, then the
Lord will return to consume us all in fire at the head of an army of
Undead. Only the truly faithful will live, and not a single heretic
shall survive."

Despite the fact that Reverend Bender's list of "heretics to be
affected by the virus" on his web site as grown from its original
"homosexuals, prostitutes, and drug users," to include the likes of
Harry Bellefonte, all Jews and Muslims in general, IRS and FBI
employees, the Queen of England, and now Catholics, he is actually
considered one of the more moderate voices in a sudden explosion of
radical religious beliefs and cults that have sprung up since the
outbreak of the virus.

Chris Jefferson, of the Western Poverty Law Center, a group that
tracks and documents the actions and growth of hate groups and cults
in the United States and Europe says, "We have seen a three fold
increase in cult activity in just the past three months. Small sects
that where once fairly mainstream have become radical, and those who
were radical are becoming violent."

Only Last month we saw the emergence of another new cult. The Templars of God. They were responsible for desecrating and vandalizing mortuaries in Alabama, in a misguided attempt to prevent the undead from arising.

"In Europe, the trend has been toward groups similar to the Order of
the Solar Temple or Jim Jones' Jamestown, where the members separated
themselves into communes and committed mass suicide. While the United
States has a resurgence of groups comparable to the Doomsday cults of
the late 19th Century, where, generally, the leader predicts a date
when the world will end, and shortly there after runs off with all the
cults money."

According to Jefferson, there is also a definite growing minority of
cults becoming increasingly dangerous. "Misinformation in the media
and on the Internet has created misconceptions that have fed into many
people's traditional hatreds and prejudices, but with a decidedly more
militant tone, which has, in turn, increased the level of
misinformation disseminated. These groups generally feel there is
some conspiracy against them involved in the spread of the virus, and
only direct violent action against their enemies, or those who might
spread the disease, can save them."

These groups are not limited to the western world, but have sprung up
in all areas among all faiths. "The Islamic world is simmering with
increased tensions as some Shiite sects have declared the reanimation
of the dead is the prophesied"Return of the 12th Imam," claiming he
will arise and lead an army of the Undead into Mecca to take over the
Kaaba, the most sacred site in Islam. Almost all other Muslim leaders
have declared these groups to be heretics and issued Fatwas for their
leaders' execution, but the idea has an appeal to the masses and is
increasing tensions in this already volatile area of the world. But
no matter where these groups arise, the fear and lack of information
that is creating them could create a crisis that could dwarf the
'Necro-Mortosis' outbreak." said Jefferson.

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