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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219

"New Jersey Zombie video"
challenges UN code of ethics

ZWN Field reporter Jack Duffy.

Posted: March, 2007 Bookmark and Share

Washington, DC (ZWN)--- In a case certain to have international implications, the United Nations “Code of Ethics” in treating ‘Necro-Mortosis’ virus victims is being directly challenged.

At the center of the controversy is banning the sale of an online documentary of the life, death, and subsequent re killing of Bernard Hill, the only confirmed case of Necro-Mortosis infection in the United States, by his wife, Joanne Hill. According to court records, Mrs. Hill, and Ted Grayson, producer and director of the documentary, where served with an injunction to stop marketing the video on grounds it violated the United Nations Code, or face criminal prosecution.

The documentary, “Common Man, Uncommon Fate,” features a series of home videos and family photographs of Mr. Hill playing with his children, attending his son’s high school graduation, and singing in his church choir, slowly transforming into a recap of news events surrounding his infection. The documentary ends with images captured on an eye witness's cell phone camera of an Undead Mr. Hill stumbling onto the freeway and gruesome re killing.It is these images of Mr. Hill's re killing that under the UN's 'Code of Ethics' ruling are deemed illegal to show for profit. The UN resolution, commonly called 'The code of ethics' states

  • The filming of a re-killing is legal. Sale and profit of said video is illegal.

Bernard Hill - The 'New Jersey Zombie'
“For the government to say Mrs. Hill cannot use her personal property as she see fit is a clear violation of her civil rights.”

Financial motive:

In a statement from her attorneys, Mrs. Hill says her motives are financial, "Since Bernie's death, not only has my family had to deal with the loss of a husband and father, but financial devastation. Bernie was never a wealthy man, but he worked years to build a good life for his family, and now, without his income, it is all being lost. The home where Bernie and I raised our children is going into foreclosure, our oldest son, Charles, despite being an honors student, might have to drop out of college, and I cannot even afford car insurance to drive to my job. During tough times, Bernie would work two or three jobs to make ends meet, and I know he would wantme to do what I am doing now to save what he worked so hard to build."

Ted Grayson calls the documentary "a tribute to a working class hero" and a "public service" detailing the devastating effects of the virus. "For the government to say Mrs. Hill cannot use her personal property as she see fit is a clear violation of her civil rights."

The case goes to the Supreme Court tomorrow.

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