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Cruise ship - Horizon Dawn sends SOS - Posted: July 1, 2007
USS Ardene arrives - Posted: July 2, 2007
Radio contact regained - Posted: July 3, 2007
Preparing to board - Posted: July 4, 2007
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Horizon Dawn Sank by Navy.
Remaining P
assengers Evacuated

South America (AP)
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The ill-fated cruise liner 'Horizon Dawn' finally came to rest this evening on the Pacific Ocean floor.

The guided missile Destroyer, USS Ardene, gave a deadly salvo, lighting up the warm south American sky with spectacular flashes and thunderous explosions.

It was a joint decision to scuttle the luxury cruise liner, made in accord with the wishes of the US Naval authorities, along with the shipping company - 'Goldray and Godding', the USA Department of Homeland Security, and the Home Defense of Peru. They all agreed that this was the best course of action, deeming the ship 'highly contaminated and unsalvageable.'

Final moments of the ill fated Horizon Dawn. She listed on her side throughout the night, before finally sinking at 9.38pm (local time)

Since the outbreak of Necro-Mortosis was first reported on July 1st, the cruise liner had become a virtual pariah, having been refused entry to all ports along the southern US coast line.

Evacuation complete:
The Naval operation was deemed completed at earlier this evening. Of the 1189 passengers and 42 crew members, 712 passengers and 16 crew were evacuated. However, 28 passengers are reported to have been fatally bitten and have been isolated on an accompanying US Navy hospital ship. 7 navy seals were reported killed and one member of the 'Z-Proof' 'Zombie hunters' has been reported seriously wounded by friendly fire.

Passenger stories:
Passenger reports are still arriving at the ZWN news desk, they build a terrifying picture of fear and confusion when the outbreak began.

Mr. and Mrs Badden (UK) were on the notorious 6 (Surya deck), scene of the original outbreak. They tell of hiding in their room for days. "The intercom told us that we must not leave our room under any circumstances, No matter what we hear, no matter how curious or safe we think it is. He said he was the Captain. This was on the Friday, when it all started."

Mr. Etienne Cabeau (F) was on 5 (Helios deck). "At first, when the outbreak began, the porter banged on all the doors to tell us to leave immediately. We followed him. But he found that the doors to the upper levels had been locked shut. The rumor was that the ships crew had done it to seal us in with the undead. To stop it spreading. The porter kept banging on the door and radioing. We heard shouting and fighting outside the door. and a gun shot. We decided to all try another way up to the next level. But we saw dead people. Shuffling and wailing. It was like a vision of hell. We all ran back along the corridors. I don't know what happened to the other people. I locked myself in my cabin. I knew what was happening at this point. I had figured it out. I have seen the news and read what to do. The door was locked. I would hear people running up and down the corridor. Banging on doors, pleading to be let in. How could I though? They could have been infected by now also. So I just kept very quiet.

I stayed silent in my room all week. I was very hungry. I had a little water but no food. There was an Italian couple in the next cabin to me. They had a young baby. They tried to stay quiet in their room also. But after a few hours the baby would start to cry. They were able to make it go to sleep at first. But it would wake up screaming again. It wanted feeding I think. And they were not able to calm it. After a day or maybe less, the undead came. I could hear them scraping and moaning outside our doors. Then they started banging and pushing against my neighbors door. It was terrible. They did that throughout the night. For many hours. The banging just made the baby scream louder and so they banged more. I think the door broke around 2 or 3am. Then I heard the most pitiful screaming. I had to stay quiet. What could I do? I will never forget it."

Mr. David Auster (USA) was also on 5 (Helios deck). "We held up in the gym. There were 8 of us. As soon as we realized what was going on we dragged equipment across the doors. The necro's knew we were in there alright. But that equipment is heavy. They pushed against the door but could not get in. At one point, after about six hours, one women and a guy left. I think they said they wanted to try and reach their kids. I don't know if they made it. I hope they did. The intercom said that a Naval assault had begun (after a few days) and anyone seen outside the safety of a locked room who did not have their hands raised clearly above their head, faced the risk of being shot on site."

Ms. Jessie Handle (USA) (Helios deck). "We were led to the life boats after a few days. That was a nightmare. Lots of fighting. But we all got in okay. It was scary being lowered down the sides. The dead people were watching us. They would reach out. We were too far out to be grabbed but it was frightening."

Have you received a message from friends or relatives aboard the Horizon Dawn? You can share these insights with

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