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Cruise ship - Horizon Dawn sends SOS - Posted: July 1, 2007
USS Ardene arrives - Posted: July 2, 2007
Radio contact regained - Posted: July 3, 2007
Preparing to board - Posted: July 4, 2007
Cruise ship refused entry to ports - Posted: July 5, 2007
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USS Ardene prepares to board 'Horizon Dawn'. 'Zombie Hunter' squad to assist.
Peru, South America (AP)

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A clearer picture is begining to emerge today from the stricken cruise ship off the coast of South America. Several passengers have made cell phone calls to distressed relatives on shore. They all tell similar accounts of pandemonium begining Friday evening, when rumors rose among the travelers that a passenger, possibly a stowaway, was found on a lower deck. The unexpected guest was suspected of being a carrier of the necro-mortosis virus.

'Big Al' Powner arrives on USS Ardene with 'Zombie hunter crew'.

Whilst in the process of being ushered to the ships brig, the unnamed stowaway became agitated and tried to escape. In the melee that followed, he attacked a ships warden. Little more is known at this time about events between Friday evening and Saturday morning, but is is clear that the virus spread at an alarming rate. By Saturday afternoon noon decks 5 (Helios deck) and 6 (Surya deck) were considered beyond saving. This was when Captain Fenton apparently made the controversial decision to seal off the decks.

Passenger accounts then tell of in-fighting between the Captain, members of his crew, and a host of angry passengers armed with hand weapons. It is believed that at this point Captain Fenton fell.

British couple Janice and David Stockley spoke to ZWN via their cell phone today, Janice Stockley said "It was horrible. The Captain was trying to reason with the passengers. But they were angry. They had friends on the sealed decks. There was a lot of pushing and shoving and swearing. Then the Captain held a gun in the air. I think he only meant to frighten people. You know? get order restored, But they rushed him. He tried to run but they caught up with him on the stairs."

Little is known of the progression of the outbreak at this point. It it is feared to be spreading through to other decks.

It is widely speculated that Guided missile Destroyer USS Ardene, sailing parallel with the 'Horizon Dawn' is preparing a raiding party. This rumor was strengthened today when ZWN's own 'Zombie hunter' columnist Alan 'Big Al' Powner was seen arriving by helicopter on the ships flight deck along with a small 'Zombie supression unit'

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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
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