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Cruise ship - Horizon Dawn sends SOS - Posted: July 1, 2007
USS Ardene arrives - Posted: July 2, 2007
Radio contact regained - Posted: July 3, 2007
Preparing to board - Posted: July 4, 2007
Cruise ship refused entry to ports - Posted: July 5, 2007
Assault begins - Posted: July 7, 2007
Passengers saved, cruiser sinks - Posted: July 10, 2007

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USS Ardene races to aid plague stricken 'Horizon Dawn' off coast of Peru
Peru, South America (AP)

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Naval officials have confirmed that Guided missile Destroyer USS Ardene has been dispatched to aid and assist the luxury cruise liner 'Horizon Dawn'. This is following Friday's emergency call for help. The SOS stating briefly that a 'significant' infestation of undead has emerged on the lower decks 5 (Helios deck) and 6 (Surya deck) of the ship.

Despite numerous attempts, no further contact has been made with the ship since Fridays brief message. The Horizon Dawn is presently off the coast of Peru, and was scheduled to complete a three day round trip from San Diego, California to Peru.

Goldray and Godding cruise lines held a short press conference late sunday evening. Majority shareholder and owner, Howard Godding stated that a request had been made for naval assistance. The call was answered by USS Ardene. The Ardene is expected to rendezvous with the Horizon Dawn around 5 am Monday morning. Asked by ZWN whether the company had any specific system in place for this type of event, Golding replied "We try to anticipate and be prepared for many varying scenario's, including terrorist attacks, health and safety issues, and yes, even this." However, Golding declined a request to elaborate on the Horizon Dawn's contingency strategy for a Necro-Mortosis outbreak.

Heading North West, the Horizon Dawn does seem to be maintaining a steady course at the moment, giving rise to hope that the ship is still in the control of at least a partial crew.

Cruise ship - Horizon Dawn send SOS
USS Ardene arrives
Radio contact regained
Preparing to board
Cruise ship refused entry to ports
Assault begins
Passengers saved, cruiser sinks

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