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The United Nations general assembly Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural) met today for a second emergency' meeting within a month. This underlines the worldwide focus that is now applied to the global crisis of the undead virus, Necro-Mortosis

Today's agenda was to define a universal dictum. A 'code of ethics and conduct' in which to deal with the carriers of the virus (both alive and deceased).

"Until now, there has been much confusion and vagueness within the judicial system. We simply have never had the need for laws to deal with many of the problems that have arose since the onset of the plague." said UN secretary general Ban-Ki Sun. "We need to clarify the laws, and where there are no laws, we have to implement new ones."

"We simply have never had the need for laws to deal with many of the problems that have arose since the onset of the plague."
  • A summary of those laws passed are as follows:

    If you suspect a person of being a carrier of the Necro-Mortosis virus you must contact authorities within your area (anonymous tip lines are available in all member states). Failure to do so within 24 hours is a crime.
  • You are allowed to restrain by reasonable force but may not harm or kill a suspected carrier of the disease. To harm or kill a carrier will be considered a criminal act and state and government laws will apply in seeking prosecution.
  • To secrete or harbor from authorities either an undead or a carrier of the Mortosis strain is illegal and open to prosecution.

  • Once an individual has been diagnosed with the virus, he or she will be taken to a government run observation facility. No further contact is allowed between the infected and outside family members or friends until a determination is made.
  • To knowingly falsely accuse an individual (either publicly or to the authorities) of being a carrier is not considered a criminal act, but restitution may be sort by the plaintiff in civil court.
  • Disposal of a deceased carrier is against the law. Local authorities must be contacted. A specially trained disposal crew will be dispatched (usually within 24 hours) to collect the deceased. Areas of high contamination may have public drop stations (check with your local authorities for a list of the ones nearest to you).
  • A re animator may be 're-killed' with any reasonable amount of force considered necessary. However, said force must be appropriate to the situation. Uncontrolled methods such as spraying gun fire, or explosives that may harm others within the vicinity is considered against the law.
  • The killing of a re animator must include the elimination of the brain as a functioning organ.
  • Cremation of a reanimate is against the law. All bodies must be disposed of by local authorities.
  • All undead bodies, once re-killed, must be bound securely. If they have personal identification upon their person, it must remain there. To remove it is against the law. They may be 'bagged and tagged'. Contact your local authority to receive a free body bag and tagging kit. The tag is for their identification (if known), date and time of death, and your contact information (optional).
  • The use of a re animator for sport, entertainment, sale or financial gain is against the law.
  • The sale of a re animator or 'Trophy' parts thereof is against the law.
  • The sale of organ parts of a re animator is against the law.
  • Desecration of a re animator, or use thereof in a profane, defiled or debased manner is against the law.
  • The filming of a re-killing is legal, but the sale and profit of said video is illegal.
  • Any web site showing the re-killing of an re animator for profit or notoriety is committing an illegal act and breaking international law. Legitimate and recognized news organizations are the sole exception.
  • local authorities and state government are considered exempt from lawsuits pertaining to matters related to the disposal of an infected individual.
  • Once mortification and reanimation of a deceased individual has occurred, said re animator becomes the property of the local and state authorities.
  • Before terminating an undead, a reasonable attempt to communicate with and so clearly identify said target as a re animator must be made wherever possible.


These emergency laws are affective immediately.

If you suspect anyone of showing symptoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus The Government has released the following anonymous tip line to call:1 800 155 3219

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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219