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There are strict guidelines in the disposing of an infected corpse. Do not bury, burn or otherwise dispose of any deceased person. You are required by law to call your local authorities for collection and quarantine.
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Panic as Necro-Mortosis virus spreads
across Western Pakistan
ZWN (AP) - Quetta, Pakistan
Posted April 06/2014

Pakistan: Panic inevitably rises when everyone is an apparent threat. A potential carrier of the undead virus 'Necro-mortosis', was mistakenly rumoured to have spread the virus by breathing the same air as the victims. That fear soon turned into violence.

Since the outbreak of the undead pandemic was first reported in Quetta, in January, around 350 people have contracted the virus, died, risen and communicated the disease to others. As the disease has travelled to neighbouring Mastung, the outbreak has sent shock waves through local communities who know little of the disease or how it is transmitted.

A spokeswoman for the medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) said yesterday that a quarantine centre in Mastung, where patients were isolated, had come under attack from an "angry crowd" who accused health workers of bringing the disease to the town.

"We have evacuated all our staff and closed the quarantine center," the MSF spokeswoman Shari Draid said. "We're working with the local police and other authorities to try to resolve this problem as quickly as possible so we can start helping people again." She later told ZWN: "We fully understand that the outbreak of mortosis is alarming for the local population, but it is essential in the fight against the disease that patients remain in the quarantined facilities."

It was not clear how many people had been injured in the incident. A government statement said the support of aid groups such as MSF and the British Red Cross was essential. It called for "calm and serenity to enable our partners to support us to eradicate this epidemic from our territory" and added: "Only the recognition of the existence of the disease will help in the fight against it."

Trust in the authorities in Mastung reached a low ebb on Friday, with many residents blaming the government for not immediately quarantining an individual. He was said to have carried the virus to Quetta from the south, where the bulk of the cases are concentrated, a World Health Authority spokesman said.

He added: "This is a major challenge for countries such as Pakistan, which have weak health systems, mainly because [they don't have] adequate resources... to set up isolation centers for affected people. The quarantine zones are often not supported with the necessary security personal that are needed"


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