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Panic In Pakistan
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Was Suicide Bomber an Undead?
Posted Oct. 30th. 2010

In a chilling revelation today, an Afghan government spokesperson revealed that a recent terrorist attack on a bus station in the southern Afghan city of Lashkar Gah, may have involved the rigging of explosives to an undead walker.

A spokesman for the provincial governor of Helmand told ZWN that eleven people, all civilians, were killed and 27 hurt, when a man approached a busy terminal. A police presence ordered the man to stop approaching as attention was drawn towards him. "The manner in which he was walking concerned many people" said an unidentified eye witness. "He was clearly told to stop but police. He kept walking and seemed in a daze. When he got to within about 50 yards they shot him and he dropped. But he got up again and a few seconds later the explosion happened."

There have been rumors and speculation for a while now that terrorist camps have been experimenting with 'motorizing' the undead. If successful, this will add a grim addition to their arsenal of weapons.

An army hazmat team has cordoned the immediate area off and tests are being made on several victims to see if they contracted the necro-mortosis disease from the attack.

The explosion occurred at 12:35 local time.

The blast comes as some 15,000 Nato and Afghan troops are involved in a continuing offensive around the town of Marjah - a Taliban stronghold in Helmand.

So far no group has claimed responsibility for the blast.


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