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Panic In Pakistan
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Afghans Flee To Mountains
- Undead Pick Off Stragglers
Posted: December, 2006

Since the staged pull out of all major Coalition forces was announced, The Afghan people have begun to leave their unprotected villages in spectacular numbers. Faced with either staying behind in a struggle to survive against a dead force who's numbers grow everyday, or join the seemingly endless convoys migrating to the mountainous regions of the north. It is an attempt to out run their aggressors. It is also a strategy that rely's on the unproven theory that any undead who follow will freeze in the pursuit.
Afghan women joining the march to the mountains
Local Afghan War Lords have taken the role of protectors. However, they are doing this at a price. Some for money, some for power. International observers are concerned that once the War Lords have ensconced themselves firmly as the protectorate of the Afghan people, they will be almost impossible to detach again.

"These people are mercenaries. Nothing more, nothing less." said British Consulate Edward Briars today. "They are opportunists, seeking only reward. They heed no calling to save their people. this is about extortion, that's all."

War Lords offer protection to the marchers

Undead follow and attack relentlessl
The human convoys, some stretching for a hundred miles or more. have attracted the Undead. Stragglers and the weak are picked off in the basest example of survival of the fittest. Re animators do not comprehend strategy. They do not understand fear or risk. They simply walk towards and attempt to eat anyone who is unfortunate enough to be struggling. It is a carrion method that has left hundreds dead before they even reach the harsh climet of the mountains.

Even when the Afghans rest to make camp, the undead circle like hungry wolves around a camp fire. Sentries have to be posted at all times. Rifle shots ring out throughout the night to such an extent, that people no longer react to them. They are simply too exhausted.

A re animator in search of prey, is frozen in the ice

Coalition withdraws in large numbers

The Coalitions many forces have been ordered back to their respective countries. This is in an effort to contain any local outbreaks within their own borders, and also to help shore up defenses against undead migration or outbreaks in their own homelands.

The entire Coalition pull out is expected to be completed early March.

A night time evacuation of US troops


Spanish warship sinks boat 'filled with infected.'

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France pulls out of Afghanistan
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Was suicide bomber an undead?

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Students Kill Helpless Mortosis Sufferers
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