There are strict guidelines in the disposing of an infected corpse. Do not bury, burn or otherwise dispose of any deceased person. You are required by law to call your local authorities for collection and quarantine.
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Top 10 Myths

ZWN's Science Editor Dr. Nancy Chan explores and exposes some of the myths and misunderstandings surrounding the undead

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Lifespan of an Undead


The official medical report released by the Center for Disease Control states that the life cycle of a typical reanimate is up to 90 days. Then generally atrophy, rigor mortis and decay become too debilitating even for a re animator. They simply loose the means to move. They still retain basic motor skills and a pavlovian response to stimulation, but the body as a vehicle for the brain, gives out. Once the body has stopped functioning, the brain will deteriorate rapidly. It will 're die' within a matter of days.

Unlike popular movie depictions, a severed appendage of an undead will not function independently of the brain. The brain is the motor organ. It serves as the sole stimuli for the body and is always the last organ to deteriorate.

Since the necro-mortosis virus was first identified back in 2006 it has become increasingly apparent , that the 'life span' of the walking deceased changes with its environment.

Extensive forensic testing is performed on the necrotic bodys of the undead to determine the lifecycle and deterioration of reanimated flesh

Commissioned report
Scientists at the Harvard
Institute of Mortosis Research, recently announced findings from a year long commissioned report. Titled: 'The effects of bacterial decomposition on animated flesh'. The report, suggests that a typical 'walking ambulator' (undead) will be exposed to insects and other airborne carriers of bacteria. This means that most of their animated soft tissue will begin to decay over the next few days.

PMI (Post Mortem Interval) is a term to describe the time span between when death occurred to the current point of infection. This has been a calculus used within forensic investigation for many years in order to ascertain the exact time of death.

Faunal Succession – what is it?
Insects arrive on a corpse in a predictable sequence depending on the stages of decomposition. This is called 'insect succession' or 'faunal succession'.

Environmental factors that affect succession include: season (daily temperatures), sun exposure, whether the undead is inside a building, immersed in water or in urban vs. rural areas. Undead that are buried, left in vehicles, found in enclosed spaces, shot or burnt are also subject to varying insect succession patterns.

This information is a welcome sign in the continued fight against the necro-mortosis pandemic. "It essentially means that nature is fighting back" said ZWN's resident Science Editor Dr. Nancy Chan. It limits the amount of time any singular deceased walker can survive amongst us. the moment it's heart stopped pumping blood, It's body looses it's ability to stave off infection.

Stages of infection
Blow flies (Calliphoridae) and flesh flies (Sarcophagidae) are usually the first two types of insect to settle on an animated corpse. Blow flies are attracted by odor, generally within several hours but sometimes within minutes after death. However, blow flies are no longer attracted when the remains have decomposed, are mummified or dry.

Flesh flies arrive on human remains at the same time or just after the blow flies. Then comes the black carrion fly. This leads to a second generation of fly larvae. It's egg to pupa to maggot cycle is about 10 days.

The demised area will begin to break down. Additionally any open wounds will decay rapidly. Although the undead has no awareness of this debilitation of functions, it will eventually find it hard to stand or even perform the simplest of motor functions. "We often hear of cases of undead simply bloating up so rapidly they actually explode. This is due to the gas produced by bodily bacteria (gut flora) that live in our digestive tracts." said Dr. Chan.

Temperate climates have seen a dramatic rise in reports of putrefying undead swelling and exploding. This is due to the accelarated conditions of a warm climate.

Scientists are working with these findings in order to better fight the continued spread of the mortosis virus. Using natures natural defense mechanism may be a key factor in the stemming of the pandemic.

Thanks to: University of Western Australia: Forensic investigation


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The World Health Authority site is the official Necro-Mortosis education site:
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Necro-Mortosis (corpse/dead), also known by the names Mortuus Ambulare" (walking dead) and "Corpus Vigere" (active/awake corpse)

We do know that the 'Necro-Virus' (Necro Mortosis) was first discovered in the West Indies - Haiti in 2006

The cause of the virus remains unknown at this point.

Three predominant theories suggest it's origin

A: Voodoo (Vodou). Considering the source of the outbreak is Haiti, this first theory is expected. However, no scientific facts support this theory or give it any credibility.

B: Viral anomalistic. Possibly a hybrid or chimera virus. Possibly crossed species. If this is the case, It remains unclear how the virus originated or mutated.

C: A bi-product of chemical/bacterial warfare. This again seems unlikely. No country or credible terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the virus at this time.

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Report by ZWN science correspondent:
Dr. Nancy Chan.

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