A friend of mine who served with the UN forces in Haiti says that one of the reason for the rapid spread of Zombies in certain areas is due to voodoo practitioners eating them in rituals. Is this true? Due to the way the virus spreads wouldn't this mean those eating the zombie get the disease and is the UN education efforts covering this?

-C. Tourque

Dear C. Tourque,

Very little is actually known about some of the rituals of the Voodoo practitioners. This particular practice is rumored but unsubstantiated. If however it is in fact true, then yes, they would contract the necro-mortosis virus and soon fall to the effects of mortification. If they somehow survive this ritual then indeed the scientific and medical community would be very interested in the sharing of this process in order to develop an inhibitor or vaccine.


Editors note: For more on this subject, see 'UN resolution' and 'Voodoo'


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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219