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Dear Zombie World News,

Whilst on a light plane flying over the Swahili coastal trading towns of the East African coast last September. we noticed a large movement of Zombies. There must have been at least 80-100 of them. But the odd thing was, they were all moving in the same direction. Sort of like a heard of Buffalo. ...why do they do this?

Glen & Linda Olwin

Dear Glen & Linda,

Glad you got back safe. Must have been quite a sight. Do you have any photos? I asked Hawk, our contributing Zombie expert about 'Zombie herds'. and he said it was probably that they either smelled , or saw something that attracted them. They can have a pack mentality in as much as they have very few intelligent functions. So it does not take much to encourage them to act on one of their few remaining instincts.

Glen & Linda will be receiving a grab bag of ZWN bumper stickers for sending in this letter.

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