"Does it end when the soul leaves the body?"

R.“Stylee” McHugh- Outbreak Survival Specialist

Have very much enjoyed reading your site, especially over the moral ethics of when life begins and ends. Its something I've never really thought about but something that you said really got me thinking. Does it end when the soul leaves the body etc? And is the brain tricked into thinking the body is dead? Very plausible points, over time studies have shown a handful of undead specimens have in someway shape or form acted out and remembered day to day things that would have been part of their routine in their normal life. Hand an incarcerated male zombie a razor and 1.5% of the time he has held it up to his face in a fashion that resembled the motions of shaving.

This has also been recorded with female specimens and hair combs, the very basics of normal day to day life.

My point is, if from somewhere deep in their mind they are visualizing and recalling these memories, does this not mean that on some very tactile level the brain is still not only living, but capable of recalling and carrying out basic tasks. Seems to me that its just the very basic instincts almost like a Neanderthal but still very active.

Just my thought

Kind Regards

R.“Stylee” McHugh
Outbreak Survival Specialist

Dear R. McHugh

We asked the opinion of ZWN's Science Editor - Nancy Chan:

"Almost like a Neanderthal" I think that is correct when looking at the pavlovian reactions to stimulation. It's the 'reptile brain' that instills reaction (cause and effect). But remember, this is 'reaction' as opposed to action. The more modern inclinations to comb hair and shave are of great interest and have inspired numerous studies to date. The general consensus is that the neurons still hold small residual pathways via remnant synapses to the brain. This conforms to the theory that the virus,' necro-mortosis', is in fact a bacterial predator, and the brain is the host. To completely damage the brain would render the host unable to provide the sustenance the parasite needs in the form of warm flesh. However, cognitive ability to higher level thinking is destroyed. Only habitual lower level tasks and skills remain.

Editors note: For more on this subject, see 'Unlocking the code' and 'Ethical challenge'


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