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1 800 155 3219


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Chris Kane -
Auckland, New Zealand

Dear Editor:

Myself and two friends were on a hiking trip through Switzerland last June (2006). It was only last year. But since the travel restrictions in Europe, it seems like an age ago now. It was Sparsels, South east of Liechtenstein . Anyway, it's not a big story to report. But it was our first and only (hopefully) real life Zombie sighting.

We are from New Zealand, and so far so good. No Zombie invasions here yet. So it was a big deal to us. We were walking through a narrow pass. It was around 4:00 pm and the light was changing. Coming onto dusk. We were just chatting and sort of winding the hike down. then round a bend in the pass, we saw it. It was on the road. looked to be a man. who knows how old he was? he looked totally knackered. His whole body dirty. and dry mud all over him. His face was nasty too. Sort of gray, with a vacant look. No blood on him or anything like that. Just standing there. Not moving not doing anything.

We all stopped. Then tried to duck back round the corner. But wanting to sneak a peek at him. He was in the way of our getting back. We didn't want to turn round again. It was a couple of miles into the pass. Plus light was getting short on us. We watched him for ages( it seemed). But he wouldn't friggin move at all. I mean this isn't like in the movies where you are all packing guns or something. We didn't have anything save a crappy 6 inch hiking blade. And we were not planning on getting close enough to use that.

So we looked around. Picked up a couple of rocks each. And just went for it. We walked up to him. He looked up. Didn't growl or sneer or anything. Just started to hobble towards us. No expression. No nothing. Didn't even do the hands in front of him bit. Not like we expected at all. In fact it caught us off guard. We all stopped and thought, maybe he's not dead. Perhaps he's just a messed up old drunk or something. Anyway, as he got closer. we could see he was not going to stop. So I threw a small stone at him. It hit his chest. I just lobbed it really. I mean its weird just chucking a brick at a total stranger. Like you don't want to really kill him or something. But he didn't stop there. He didn't even flinch. That's just it. No reaction at all. He didn't even look pissed off. It was kind of like he was sleep walking. So then we were convinced he really was a Necro. So once we knew that, we all just charged and screamed. Chucking these stones at him. Half of them missed. But it was enough to unbalance him. We were able to run past and believe me, we kept on running all the way to the town.

I don't know who he was, or what happened to him. But we did report it to the local Police. They informed the rangers and then who knows else.

So there it is. Our only Zombie story. but it is weird seeing one up close.

Love ZWN!!!! Keep it going.

Chris Kane

Auckland, New Zealand

Chris Kane will be receiving a grab bag of ZWN bumper stickers for sending in this letter.

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