NYPD Cover Up ?

New York, NY, USA - Field reporter: Cassandra Lee

Dear Zombie World News,

I had already reported this to NYPD, however, had been continually given the runaround whenever I tried to follow up on it.

About a week ago, some friends and I decided to take some pictures of the City Hall station at the end of the #6 line (it's been closed for decades, however, the #6 still loops past it before turning around.) It was raining pretty badly that day, and so we weren't very surprised when the power went out just as our car got to the station.

Man, we thought we were too lucky, so we got out between the cars, and started taking pictures. Yeah, there weren't really lights, but hey, we had flashes!

"Hey, check that out" my friend whispered to me pointing at a moving mound of clothing a the back of the station.
"You think it's the mole people?" I whispered back semi-jokingly of the demi-urbane legends of people living the the subway system.
"Uh, oh... I don't think they're too happy with our flashes" he whispered back as the mound stood up resolving itself into a couple of human figures.
"Let's go back inside" I whispered nervously (although to think of it, if they *were* just the maniacal homeless people e thought they were, that probably wouldn't have helped.

"OK, not cool, let's get inside." I whispered to my friend nervously as they approached us without making a noise. At the time, I was just worried that they were some of those deranged homeless that occasionally makes their way into the subway system. Usually, they don't bother commuters, but there wasn't a cop around, so I was slightly nervous.

The power came back on just as we were about to go back inside... and the shriek of the train starting on it's way drowned out *our* shrieks as the light revealed that the 'person' in the lead was covered in scabs, and his nose was rotted off!

We jumped off at the first stop, and found an MTA cop, we gave out statements... and well, nothing. I'm hoping that you guys, with your fine reporting staff and such might be able to get NYPD moving on this.

As for me, I am now commuting by the express bus, and biking everywhere within the city when I have to get there at all.

Cassandra Lee

Dear Cassandra.

Thanks for the lead. We will assign a reporter to this story and see where it goes. - Editor


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