Attack at a local library.
By: Field Reporter: Braidon Buck

I had started working at my local library. Just for the fun of it, but the truth that I learned there was greater than anything I could have learned from Socrates or Freud. Everything started around early July, we didn’t get many people just the same book worms and other high schoolers coming in looking for books off the summer reading list so it was a laid back job.

In July though one evening I was shelving the twelve or thirteen books that had been returned over the last week (I wasn’t the best employee), but after having placed a few books on the shelves I heard a rather loud bang against one of the wall. At first I dismissed it and went back to shelving books and the banging stopped for the evening. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I heard the banging again except it happened a few times one night and I was able to tell that it was coming from the basement of the library so I decided to investigate it.

Now our library was small…very small only about five hundred books total all in one room the room was at most fifteen feet by twenty feet, with two doors at the back one for the bathroom and the other for the basement. Now as far as I could tell the only reason anyone would ever go into the basement was to flick one of the switches in the fuse box and that wasn’t even in the basement it was only half way down the stares. Anyway that night I decided to journey down into “belly of the best”.

I flicked the switch at the top of the stares and the single bulb light which was a shock to me but I slowly made my way down. Upon turning the corner and looking into the room I saw what appeared to be a person, however this “person” appeared to be dead but was still moving.

I bolted up the stairs and slammed the door behind me and then I moved one of the smaller bookshelves in front of the door to barricade it in. I then went and got the town Police Officer (there is only one like I said small town), Officer Balin and I journed back to the library.

I could tell by the sideways glares that he was giving me that he thought I was lying about everything, but when we got back we moved the book shelf and he drew his pistol, and I open the door. Everything happened so fast the best I could make of it is that that thing rushed out of the basement and Officer Balin very quickly put him down. We made a pack to not tell anyone else in our town but to stay close and to deal with this with out causing panic. I hope I can report more as time passes we haven’t seen any since however I am finding myself spending a great deal more time in the police station and the chatter from near by town is growing.


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