Camping in France

- Field reporter. Name withheld by request.

A bunch of mates and myself were camping in the South of France last year. It was a two week holiday. On the third night of the second week, we were wakened at around 3:00am. There was a shuffling sound. Also a sort of 'snorting or gargling'. We thought it was an animal. Although it was creepy none of us wanted to risk going outside. There were six of us in a big tent. The sound went away. But when we got up in the morning, standing right by our car, just staring into the window, was a Zombie. It was a male, around 5'10" pretty hefty. But he was decomposed bad. His skin was peeling and he was yellow/gray.

We freaked out, and grabbed whatever we could. Pots, pans, even the barbeque and threw them at him. It took all six of us to get him. But he eventually fell down. We made a right mess of our car also (cause he was standing next to it).

We threw our stuff in the car and jetted. we didn't even tell local authorities. We just didn't want to get all caught up with them. We just wanted to get out of there.

Not a big report. But let your readers be aware, it's dangerous camping these days. Be glad when the plague is over with.

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