Undead Suicide Bombers Rock Tel Aviv -
Israel Declares State of Emergency.

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Tel Aviv, Israel. (AP)
ZWN Field reporter Jack Duffy.

What began as an unforseen outbreak of the ‘Necro-Mortosis’ virus in Tel Aviv early today has rapidly escalated into an international incident.

Confirmed reports indicate that at approximately 8:30 am local time, Israeli Defense Forces began to receive urgent calls for support from local Tel Aviv police stations claiming multiple verified sightings of the Undead in and around down town Tel Aviv. The IDF (Undead Defense Brigade) responded and quickly suppressed uprisings in three separate locations around the city, an outdoor market, an IDF recruitment station, and a local fast food restaurant. Almost immediately following this action, other reports began to surface, citing Undead attacks in two separate suburban locations; a strip mall and a youth day care center. These outbreaks were, similarly, contained very quickly.

Booby trap:
A press conference was hastily called by local leaders at “Gideon’s Market,” site of the initial outbreak. It's intention being to stem rising panic and to declare an end to the current emergency. However, it was interrupted at 11:43 am when the corpses of those 're killed' undead, apparently wired with hidden explosive belts, were suddenly detonated remotely (presumably by cell phones). Several UDB soldiers and police investigators at the scene were killed instantly. International news teams looked on as many of those killed in the initial bombing, rose again. Having become exposed to flying blood and other viral carrying body parts, they became contaminated and reanimated within minutes. The scene descended into chaos as press and officials alike tried to escape whilst UDB soldiers were forced to re kill their former comrades.

Some of our most experienced personnel, with hands on experience with the Undead have been lost.

State of emergency:
This horrific scene was soon repeated at each of the other outbreak sites. There were reports of killings or the infecting of dozens of first responders and civilians on the scene. The apparent use of the Undead as a terrorist weapon sent waves of panic across Israel. The Prime Minister’s office immediately announced a State of Emergency, sealing the borders between Israel and all points along the West Bank and Gaza Strip, along with a dusk to dawn curfew.

IDF officials stated the attacks specifically targeted the UDB specialists on the scene and “took out many of our elite specialists. Some of our most experienced personnel, with hands on experience with the Undead in Africa and Haiti have been lost.” The official refused to speculate on the impact these loses would have on Israel’s ability to suppress further outbreaks.

Gruesome video:
Later, “The Palestinian Alliance for the March to the Sea” released a video on the Internet claiming responsibility for the attack. In this bazaar video, the group details how they infiltrated Israeli border security with stolen work permits along with the decapitated head of an infected hidden in a sports bag. The terrorists removed the head from the bag and displayed to the camera that, while motionless, and with it's mouth and eyes wrapped in duct tape, it was still reanimated and aware of their presence. Then, in a gruesome ceremony, 21 young Arab men approached the head and self-infected themselves with blood and saliva from the head. The shocking video concludes with the unnamed leader of the group saying, “You have hidden behind your walls as the lifeless consume our children. Now, they will consume you.” An apparent reference to Israel’s refusal to assist the Palestinian Authority’s attempts to suppress the Undead infestations in the West Bank cities of Tulkarm and Nabulus.

Horror soon turned to outrage as the reanimated head was identified as belonging to Lt. Moshe Herva, an IDF soldier captured in last year’s Israeli attack into Lebanon. Herva was believed to be alive and held prisoner until this point in either Lebanon or Syria by Hezbulla forces allegedly friendly to the Palestinian Authority, but United Nations efforts to afford his release proved fruitless.

Meeting in an emergency session earlier this evening, the Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, addressed the Knesset and declared the fate of Lt. Herva proved a direct connection between the terrorists and the government of Palestine, “This was not an attack from a fringe terrorist group, but an act of war on the State of Israel by the Palestinian Authority.”

Palestinian Authorities have strongly denied any involvement.

White House urges restraint:
The White House has urged Israel to “use restraint” in its response, and announced the detachment of a special envoy to the region to help facilitate negotiations. However, this may be futile.

“I have not seen such a reaction in Israel in decades,” warned David Green of Hebrew University. “The combination of terrorism and the ‘Necro-Mortosis’ virus has created the perfect storm of fear the regular Israeli has not felt since the early 1970’s, and this may push the government to take extreme actions.”

Is there any hope to avoid more violence or a return to the Roadmap to Peace? “I do not see it in the short term,” said Green. “You have to remember that the events of today are not over. Beyond those murdered, there were over 50 soldiers and civilians infected in the outbreak, many of them preschool children. They were not killed, but have been placed into quarantine, and there is nothing we can do but watch them die and reanimate as the virus takes its course."

“Right now every Israeli is watching this drama play out on television 24 hours a day. In the coming days we will get to know these people and their families as individuals, and as they pass, the rage at the tragedy will grow. We always hope cooler heads will prevail, but in situations like this, cooler heads may be in short supply.”

At press time, the Prime Minister’s office released an order calling up all IDF active reserve units to report for duty as unconfirmed reports of further Undead terrorist attacks in Haifa, Hadera, and Ashdod flood in.

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