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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219

Middle East Turmoil
Posted: April 10, 2007 Bookmark and Share
Tel Aviv, Israel. (AP)
ZWN Field reporter Jack Duffy.

Israel Retaliates for Undead Suicide Bombings

Jerusalem--- Israeli Defense Forces moved into the West Bank and Gaza Strip this morning in the largest Israeli military operation since the Yom Kippur War. The size and aggressiveness of the operation has surprised Mid-East experts, who expected much smaller reprisal strikes against Palestinian militants in response to the 12 Undead suicide bomber attacks within Israel this week.

In a written statement released by the IDF:

“At 0100 GMT, IDF forces entered the Occupied Territories of the West Bank, and Gaza Strip. The attack consists of principally two heavy armor divisions split into five columns entering the Territories at points and times of our choosing, backed by three light infantry brigades, special forces units, elements of the Undead Defense Brigade, and all operational squadrons of the Air Force.

“The Operation Olah, meaning a sacrifice of atonement completely consumed by fire, will continue until a 2 kilometer wide defense perimeter is made along all Israel’s borders with the Occupied Territories. The defensive perimeter will be cleared of all construction, housing, and concealing vegetation, and will be backed by a 4 to 6 meter high defensive retaining wall.

“Only roads leading to well protected check points will not be destroyed. Anyone entering the defensive perimeter must enter from one of these roads, with their hands and arms outstretched over their heads, devoid of shirts, long pants, or other concealing clothing, will be regarded as enemy combatants and engaged on sight.

“We urge all civilians living within the defensive perimeter to evacuate immediately to avoid forcible eviction from their dwellings.”

Last survivor dies:
The attack comes one day after Abraham Gold, the octogenarian professor emeritus from the elite Jerusalem Institute of History, and last survivor infected by the ‘Necro-Mortosis’ virus in last week’s bombings, died. Dr. Gold had become an instant celebrity as his warm charm and philosophical outlook on his fate endeared him to people around the globe. However, Dr. Gold’s dying words, “Please, I have seen too much blood in my life… Please, dear God, do not kill for me…” were lost as cell phone pictures of his gruesome reanimation and subsequent re killing appeared on the Internet. These, and other leaked photos of weeping nurses cradling reanimated toddlers and Palestinians celebrating the attacks in the streets, fed a firestorm of rage leading to a political crisis in Israel.

According to Israeli sources interviewed on condition of anonymity, Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, only approved the operation yesterday as calls for his resignation from the Knesset, for being “too soft on terrorism,” grew into a threat of a ‘Vote of No Confidence’ from members of his own political party.

“The Israeli’s did not plan on facing the Undead,”

Street fighting:
Within Palestine, heavy street to street fighting along the borders has generated hundreds of casualties and thousands of refugees, quickly overwhelming humanitarian relief agencies. “The Israeli’s did not plan on facing the Undead,” said Scott Debrew of Doctors Without Borders. “We heard a bunch of radicals were rounding up zombies to use in human wave attacks against the Israelis, but couldn't contain them and they escaped into some refugee camps, so now the Undead are mixing in with the panicked civilians. The Israelis found out that rubber bullets don’t work well on zombies, so they switched to live ammunition. Now, we have hundreds of wounded and can’t tell the difference between whose been shot or whose been infected. We haven’t heard a word from three of our clinics in over two hours, and think they might have been overrun. This is a catastrophe.”

Retired Major Wilber “Deadeye” Richards, special zombie and military expert attached to the ZWN news team said, “It seems the Palestinians might have some kind of poorly conceived plan to use zombies as a weapon.

“There has been a lot of talk about the Undead being used like this, kind of a poor man’s atom bomb or super soldier. But, anyone with any experience with zombies knows that’s just movie bulls***. You can’t contain or control these things in any kind of large numbers. You have to put them down… fast. All it takes is one scratch and you could lose an entire brigade in a few hours.

“Just look at it. Earlier today the Palestinians where shooting rockets into Israel and the IDF at about the rate of 50 and hour. Now, they’ve almost stopped. I don’t think they’re running out of missiles, just soldiers to fire them.”

White House comment:
Internationally, the White House stated it is “disappointed” in the Israeli attack, but supports Israel’s right to defend its borders, while members of the United Nations Security Council have called for an emergency meeting of the body later this week.

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