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Undead seen on outskirts of city. Thousands flee
Posted: April 13, 2007 Bookmark and Share

Jerusalem (ZWN)

Like ripples from a stone cast into a pool, the repercussions of last weeks Israeli incursion into Palestine, are now being felt exponentially throughout the region. Questions are being raised at the highest levels as to how the Undead masses now descending upon Jerusalem could have been disturbed in such a dramatic way as to threaten the holy city itself.

ZWN Middle Eastern consultant and author of 'The giant within - Jerusalem rising' Dr. Ari Mosen suggests that the Undead problem has been prevalent within Palestine's boundaries for some time now, however, only since Israel's vengeance seeking mission against Palestine last week, has the area been disturbed to such a degree that a chain of Undead attacks has spread the disease beyond it's natural reach. The alleged use of Undead bombers in a series of provocative attacks upon Israel by Palestine has yet to be proven. Palestine strongly denies responsibility, regardless, the consequent result of the disturbance of Undead in the region is palpable.

With the introduction of the Israeli army and all it's encumbrances came a wave of incidents, local in nature, patrols being attacked by reanimators, advanced forces being cut off. These infected troops in turn infected others. The chain of infection devastated the Israeli army, and quickly reached all the way to the back to the areas surrounding Jerusalem.

It is now widely recognized that Undead appear to have a 'heard like' mentality. The lack of other stimuli to the senses make reanimators singular in purpose. Consequently, when they sense food they tend to follow each other towards the source. And unless something else refocuses them, they will remain attentive and determined to reach that food source. And in this instance, that food source is Jerusalem.

Tensions rise as night falls:
And so now the Undead are beginning to descend upon Jerusalem's outskirts. Many have already been eliminated. But night approaches and this is the time most feared by the formidable military who's task it is to defend the city.

"We cannot light every road, every field, every shadow" said one military source today. "But there is a curfew. We shoot anything that moves tonight."

There are checkpoints and guard stations. Patrols of armored personal carriers roar throughout the streets and helicopters soar in the shimmering dusk. To many no more than an efficacious posturing but to others they are a source of comfort and of hope.

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