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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219

International reporters meet to discuss safety measures (view via webcam)

The calm before the storm.
Undead Surround Jerusalem.

Posted: April 12, 2007 Bookmark and Share

Tel Aviv, Israel. (AP)
ZWN Field reporter Jack Duffy.

There is chaos at the airports, roadways are unmanageable, all viable forms of exit from the city are full to capacity. The ZWN news team has assumed position just outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem waiting for what many are expecting to be an invasion of the Undead dwarfing last month’s carnage in Port au Prince, Haiti.

Many are left simply shaking their heads, and asking how did the situation turn so bad so quickly? Only one week ago Israel struck in retaliation at Palestine's (unconfirmed) sanction of the use of Undead suicide bombers. Israel's disastrous reach into Palestine has 'stirred up a hornets nest' as some experts are describing it. The Undead presence in Palestine was vastly underestimated. And now their attention has focused upon their aggressors. Like a horde of ravenous animals, they descend with a heard like mentality, upon Jerusalem.

ZWN has teamed with three other international news organizations to construct what has been called a “Necro proof” defense bunker. The converted four story abandoned building was formerly the offices of an international jewelry retailer with the first floor windows, non-load bearing walls, and stairwells to the higher levels destroyed.

This creates, what experts call, “a zombie flow through facility.” The Undead are permitted to walk under and around what has effectively become a building on stilts while denying them access to the news teams above.

In his book, “Zombies Can’t Jump,” Undead researcher, Dr. John McIntyre, states, “It is proven that the Reanimates’ basic herding instinct will draw others of its kind to stimuli until the stimuli are removed. In the case of walled dwellings, this means no matter how well fortified a location is, eventually a sufficient number of Undead could be drawn by the activity of the other Reanimates to breach almost any defense by the sheer physical weight of their numbers.”

Dr. McIntyre’s solution is a limited access elevated building, “A building without first level walls will deny the Reanimates of any firm surface to press up against and apply pressure. Upon attraction by the activity of the uninfected, the Reanimate lacks the thinking skills to either look up, or find alternate access to the higher levels other than those obviously designed for egress, such as stairways.

“More than likely, the Reanimate will simply walk beneath and past the uninfected and continue on toward the next stimulus rather than staying on in an attempt to break down the structure. This will not only secure the uninfected from the advance of single Reanimates, but prevent their massing.”

Panic room:
The bunker is further strengthened with an escape heliport and the conversion of the old jewelry business’ vault into a “panic room,” complete with Internet, telephone, and satellite hookups, where the news teams can seek shelter and continue news coverage in the event of a break in.

With all stairs removed, it becomes “a zombie flow through facility.” The Undead are permitted to walk under and around what has effectively become a building on stilts

Jerusalem itself is rapidly becoming an armed camp. ZWN passed through seven separate checkpoints and makeshift barricades while in transit to our location. At one location, ZWN sound technician, Stan Judge, was taken briefly for questioning by Israeli authorities in regards to his experiences with the ZWN news team stationed in Port au Prince last month. “They were very interested in the psychology of the UN soldiers during the attack. How was their morale? what where they saying? did they eat? was discipline maintained within the ranks? Stuff like that,” said Judge.

At another, this reporter and three others in our convoy had their leather winter coats confiscated and replaced with Israeli army parkas and debit vouchers good for $1000 American dollars. The official reason for this action is listed as “classified” by the IDF, but one unidentified Israeli soldier said, “Zombies teeth get through our parkas, but not thick leather. We’re collecting everything leather; coats, hats, gloves, even pants if we can find them. I’m sorry I took your coat, but we’re grasping at straws right now.”

When asked what that meant, the soldier said, “We heard we have only a 20% chance of success. After that, we’re just going to keep picking them off as we retreat through the city."

Desperation is palpable in the air as troops push cars, tires, even cutting down telephone poles, to block the streets in a last ditch effort to defend the city. But, the most overwhelming presence of all is the silence. Aside from the occasional gunship flying overhead, or armored personnel carrier, the city is completely quiet. So quiet you can actually hear the wails of the Undead just a few miles away.

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