Tensions Rise.
News Bunker Evacuated

ZWN Embedded reporter- Jack Duffy
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(ZWN) Jerusalem--- An altercation between ZWN news crew and Scot Chierbeck, lead reporter for Australian Undead News, led to the emergency evacuation of the makeshift international news bunker last night.

The altercation was prompted by an attempt from Chierbeck to sound an air horn in an effort to attract local reanimates closer to the news bunker to improve the background images for his upcoming live broadcast.

According to ZWN producer Marc Feld “I told Chierbeck not to sound the horn for safety reasons and Chierbeck replied, “Sorry, mate, slow news day. I then grabbed Chierbeck and physically pulled the air horn from his hands. . It became a shoving match.” This descended into a scuffle among the other reporters during a live broadcast. Seeing images of men fighting and the sudden loss of all satellite signals, as the two fell over the broadcast equipment, bureau chiefs of the four news organizations sharing the bunker dispatched emergency rescue helicopters to evacuate the bunker, believing security was breached and undead were in fact attacking the reporters.

Security personnel eventually ended the altercation, finding Chierbeck locking himself in the bunker’s panic room and refusing to leave.

This is not the first time Chierbeck has been the center of controversy at the international news bunker. Three days ago, he was banned from traveling with IDF units after being charged with moving ammunition boxes from their designated locations in an effort to make the soldiers “look more panicked.” Last week, Chierbeck’s parent network issued two separate retractions for some of his articles that where judged “factually inaccurate;” his interview with the “grieving mother of a zombie,” where the woman’s son actually died from cancer three years before, and “exclusive” close up footage of various reanimates are alleged to be his producer, sound man, and hair dresser. These charges are vehemently denied by Chierbeck, but these and his accidentally broadcast comments of, “why can’t we get some pictures of dead kids,” and “I’m really disappointed this isn’t more of a blood bath. We spent a lot of money on bumper music and opening graphics and it’s a shame to see them go to waste,” have led Australian media watchdogs to call for his termination.

Within the news bunker, Chiebeck’s professional problems, allegations from the other news teams that he instructed his camera man to “block the shots of the other networks,” and intentionally shouted profanities during their recorded interviews, led to high personal tensions between him and the other reporters.

'Australian Undead News' Reporter Scot Chierbeck

“I’m really disappointed this isn’t more of a blood bath. We spent a lot of money on bumper music and opening graphics and it’s a shame to see them go to waste,”

Return to normal?
A ZWN spokesperson has since announced that ZWN would not be returning to the bunker, as “the situation within the city seems to be coming under control.” Life is returning to normal in many areas of the city, within the restrictions of a dusk to dawn curfew. And, despite the Israeli imposed news blackout, unofficial sources state that due to the extraordinary bravery and resourcefulness of the soldiers and citizens of Jerusalem, they expect the city to be completely pacified within the week.

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