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There are strict guidelines in the disposing of an infected corpse. Do not bury, burn or otherwise dispose of any deceased person. You are required by law to call your local authorities for collection and quarantine.
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Men 3 Times More Likely To Become 'Zombified' Than Women
Posted: 15th., Mar. 2010

The World Health Authority today announced findings that suggest men are up to 3 times more likely to contract full blown Necro-Mortosis' than women.

Paper released:

A Necro-Mortosis study, commissioned by the British caduceus society, has revealed that men are up to 3 times more likely to contract the Mortosis virus and become 'zombified' as a result.

Dr. Stephen H. Dixel who co wrote the findings along with Professor Paul James Buxton revealed that a 6 month study of known undead hot spots in Europe confirm the findings.

"I am not suggesting that men are more vulnerable to the virus." Dixel said, "In fact anyone who introduces the virus into their bodies blood stream will no doubt become Mortuus Ambulare" (walking dead) and develop full blown Mortosis usually within 48 hours."

"What I am saying is that men seem to be more prone to exposure. They take greater risks. Fight or flight, defend their territory. This often leads to unpleasant results."

"Women often reduce the risk of infection by simply avoiding the possibility of exposure. They rarely go seeking confrontation with an undead. Whereas many times men are in a situation that does bring on a physical interaction with a mortosis sufferer. Most front line undead defence teams, police and soldiers are male. Most zombie hunters are also male. This dynamic is changing slowly but for the most part it stands."

The virus does not discriminate between age, race or gender, in fact in a 2009 paper titled 'Chromogens and Ancillary reagents' released by BioMed PLC. suggested that chemical substrates used for detection of enzyme-tagged antibodies show no significant change between case groups.

Since the pandemic began back in 2006 most studies have focused on finding common threads of resistance due to gender of race. However, this is the first study of it's kind to identify a clear definition of victims due to habit or action.


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Necro-Mortosis (corpse/dead), also known by the names Mortuus Ambulare" (walking dead) and "Corpus Vigere" (active/awake corpse)

We do know that the 'Necro-Virus' (Necro Mortosis) was first discovered in the West Indies - Haiti in 2006

The cause of the virus remains unknown at this point.

Three predominant theories suggest it's origin

A: Voodoo (Vodou). Considering the source of the outbreak is Haiti, this first theory is expected. However, no scientific facts support this theory or give it any credibility.

B: Viral anomalistic. Possibly a hybrid or chimera virus. Possibly crossed species. If this is the case, It remains unclear how the virus originated or mutated.

C: A bi-product of chemical/bacterial warfare. This again seems unlikely. No country or credible terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the virus at this time.

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Main Content Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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Facts about necro-mortosis

Mortosis is transferable through the exchange of blood, saliva orother bodily fluids, including bites.Mortosis can be contracted through sharing of needles. Virus can be sexually transmitted

There is no known antidote at this point (Beware internet scams claiming to sell cures or inhibitors)

Mortosis is NOT airborne

Only infected people will reanimate upon death.

None infected people or people who die of natural causes do NOT rise.

If bitten, (or otherwise infected) on an arm or leg, severing the affected appendage may remove the infection, but only within the first few minutes of exposure. Burning the affected wound will only act to cortorize the wound. Not remove the infection.

Animals exposed to the Necro-Mortosis virus will become sick and die but do not reanimate. Livestock exposed must be destroyed.

Upon infection, the exposed usually succumbs to reanimation within 4 - 48 hours. First stage symptoms feel like flu. Migraine, hot flushes, aching muscles.

Second stage is followed by severe chills, extreme lethargy, some disorientation, a gradual slowing of the heart rate. early onset dementia, extreme pain in their joints and muscle cramping. At this point, many fall into coma or suffer stroke or heart failure. This is due to the massive shock to the bodies immune system. Necrosis and mortification follow shortly afterwards.

Reanimation can occur within minutes. Studied subjects have nearly always reanimated within the first hour of death.

Source: World health Authority report


The different levels of a mortosis outbreak:

Mortosis outbreaks can be separated into three categories, depending on how easily they can can spread and the severity of death they cause. Category A outbreaks are considered the highest risk and Category C outbreaks are those that are considered emerging threats or easily containable.

Category Level 'A'

These high-priority outbreaks pose the highest risk to the public and national security because: They can be easily spread or transmitted from person to person
They result in high death rates and have the potential for major public health impact
They might cause public panic and social disruption
They require special action for public health preparedness.

Category Level 'B'
These outbreaks are the second highest priority because:
They are moderately easy to spread
They result in a moderate rate of death and/or low death rates
They require specific enhancements of Center for Disease Control's laboratory capacity and enhanced disease monitoring.

Category Level 'C'
These third highest priority outbreaks include emerging threats that could be spread in the future because:
They are easily transferable
They have potential for high morbidity and mortality rates and major health impact.
Source: CDC - Center for Disease Control and Prevention

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