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A ZWN's special report

Posted: 12/10

Well, it looks like the case of the missing actor and the disappearing stunt dog has returned. This time with all the mystery of a good Scooby episode. I first reported on the weird goings on at a Florida film studio a few weeks back. (see Cry Zombie).

It seems that the local sheriff was less impressed with the studios insistence that there was something afoot. At least that was untill................................

Greenwich Studios, North Miami, Florida.
A second incident in North Miami in which two men are missing and presumed the victims of a violent attack has brought renewed interest in the studio and the surrounding areas.

A pizza delivery driver disappeared after making a stop at the studio on last Thursday. The driver, Taylor Miller, 18, had been dispatched for a series of deliveries for Crenshaw's Pizzeria, but after the first scheduled stop, the security booth at Greenwich Studios, Miller never completed his route. Nor did he return to Crenshaw's. His car, a 1992 Camaro, was found in the parking lot of the studio. The vehicle was locked and still full of pizza boxes. The part-time security guard and stuntman, Don Abbatiello, 42, is also missing.

Are these photos, taken by the security camera at Greenwich Studios, of missing actor Bobby Martini?

Producer Emily Sherman, wiping her eyes stated, "First our actor Bobby Martini disappeared and I know that was him we saw here last month. He was all bloody and shambling like something out of a horror movie and the police didn't do a thing. Then we found our dog all torn up. Now Don is gone. I cannot believe this, this is the second guy from our crew we have lost," The irony isn't lost on Sherman, film veteran and local Miami resident. "It's like life imitating art. This time the cops HAVE to take some action."

Some local residents expressed fear at an abandoned warehouse project rumored to be a squatters paradise for the homeless near the studio property.

"There have been at least twenty derelicts living out there since the last hurricane," said pizzeria owner Larry Crenshaw. "I don't have any doubt that Taylor was attacked by one of them, and we've been complaining for months. No one does a thing to round these people up."

Greenwich Studios is located approximately one half mile from a warehouse district decimated by Hurricane Wilma in 2005. Due to the massive amount of damage, coupled with lack of insurance due to recent rate hikes in South Florida, most businesses were relocated leaving behind ten blocks of abandoned structures on the edge of the vastly unpopulated Florida Everglades.

Police spokesman James Reeves denies there is any situation in the warehouse district. "That property is locked down on three sides, the fourth butts up against the 'Glades. The buildings were declared unsafe just after Wilma and the city shut it up tight. The road is completely blocked off to vehicle and pedestrian traffic."

A source refusing to be named within the City Manager's office had a different take on the situation. "After the hurricane, we had a lot of homeless squatting down in the warehouse district. We did not take aggressive action in attempting to move them out. There were a lot of people left with nothing and what was left of those buildings at least provided some shelter. Due to the slow assistance the state received from the government and that FEMA mess, we didn't have the money to put them all up, so the least we could do was turn a blind eye to the situation. So when the cops tell you that district is empty and locked down, that is just a flat out lie."

There is no doubt that these incidents are impacting the local entertainment economy. Hollywood producer Allison Millican canceled a project slated to come to Miami after reading of the second round of disappearances. "I love Miami, great crews and beautiful locations, but I can't, in good conscience, bring a cast and crew into an area that seems rife with violent crimes the police refuse to acknowledge. It's irresponsible and let's face it, on a hundred thousand dollar a day budget, it makes for an economic disaster."

Security tape emerges
Two days after the disappearances of
the pizza delivery driver were reported to the North Miami Police Department, a copy of a security system videotape seized as evidence by NMPD has surfaced. If authenticated, the tape is evidence of an individual closely resembling Martini on the premises and in a seeming state of decay and mortosis.

Studio executive Simi Wein, frustrated by what she calls "a lack of cooperation by local police," ordered a check of the studio back up system and a copy of video archived footage for the night of the last incident was discovered.

"We always run a back up tape for insurance purposes," stated Wein. "I wanted to see what the cops were ignoring. As soon as we viewed the tape, I called the FBI. I had to do it, the police would not return my calls."

Although unnamed sources are adamant that the attacker on tape has been identified as Martini, Wein refuses to name her former colleague as a suspect. "I know Bobby Martini, he would never do anything like this."

Wein blames the police for burying the tape. "They don't want to do or say anything that will bring a negative light down on Miami. There has been so little business since Hurricane Wilma, they don't want to scare people off. They'd rather let a murderer run loose. They figure - no body, no problem."

Producer Emily Sherman had only one comment to make before she was instructed not to speak to the press further by Hollywood executives. "It's not Bobby Martini and it's not just some murderer. It's something that we've never seen before. It's a zombie. I know it is. Someone look closely at this tape! Please!"

Sherman has been removed from the production, reassigned and returned to Los Angeles.

Although the local office of the FBI refuses any comment on what has now been dubbed by locals as "The Zombie Bob Attacks," the studio has been closed indefinitely and cordoned off as a crime scene and the security tape removed as additional evidence.

In related news, the Everglades warehouse building complex adjacent to the studio property, a rumored haven for homeless squatters, has been demolished in an unusual move by the state. A caravan of Army trucks, eighteen wheel refrigerator rigs, bulldozers, and, in what some call "an action of overkill," squads of armed soldiers closed off the rural road leading down into the Everglades before setting off a series of explosions designed to level the structures.

"The area was devoid of human life," Homestead Air Force base press secretary Stephanie Lundy stated. "It was an eyesore to the community and a threat to public health." When asked about the need for refrigerated trucks, Lundy replied with a tightlipped "No comment."

On a related note: The Governor of Florida is considering raising the Tax Incentive the state offers to incoming productions in order to try and woo business back to the Sunshine State.

In the meantime, Taylor Miller and Don Abbatiello, along with Bobby Martini, remain missing persons. The North Miami Police Department is investigating.


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