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'The Human Race'
With Race Barrington
A ZWN's special report

Northern Exposure Pt. 1

'Zombie Hunters & Popsicles'
Posted: 03/15/08

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In this special ZWN report I travel to the beautiful wilderness of northern of Alaska. To Nome, the finishing point of the brutal Iditerod trail sled dog challenge. I have been assigned to try to unravel the mystery surrounding the recent slaughter of nine workers at the ill fated Ice Station Pardue research facility.

My journey begins in Anchorage, capital of Alaska. I am greeted at the airport by Sheriff Robert Lipton. With a firm handshake a few words and he drives us away to his station downtown. I am a little surprised at the extent of help being afforded to me by the authorities. I even go so far as to mention this to Sheriff Lipton. He confides that at least up in Alaska, where you are much more likely to be eaten by a bear than a reanimate, they are somewhat in the dark as to how to handle such a unique situation. Consequently, any independent help is appreciated. particularly from an organization as comprehensive as ZWN.

Illegal hunting
Of course government intervention is immediate. Nome, scene of the undead attack, is under heavy cordon and access is limited to military, emergency and a few trade organizations only. Zombie hunters are also descending on the area in droves. "That worries me, says Sheriff Lipton, it really does. They will come here without an undead hunting license, looking for fame, illegal trophies, whatever else. They will end up getting themselves or somebody else killed."

I have few clues exactly as to who the unidentified assailant was that massacred the 9 research facility members. The attacker is believed to be the same person found just 3 miles away from the scene of the killings, frozen to re-death. Lab reports confirmed that blood on his body matched that of two of the slain researchers. He was also a confirmed necro-mortosis late stage victim.

The assailants image was captured on closed circuit CCTV (left)

The person in question was found naked and frozen. His body was attached to a tree. I say 'attached' because apparently, just like a child getting their tongue stuck to a pole by licking it, he became affixed to a nearby tree, but blood oozing from a large open wound that ran the entire length of his torso was this fixative.

Captain Heath, ZWN's regular zombie hunter columnist comments upon this. "We call them 'zombie popsicles'. It's a little un 'PC' I admit. But we find them on missions in cold climates. I even documented one account, 'Taking the piste'. The necro's would try to move away from whatever it is they were stuck to, and so more blood would ooze out as the wound, widened it. Then they would stick more."

Well, that at least answered the question of how he ended up stuck to a tree, frozen solid. But who was he? and why was he naked?

Sheriff Lipton had one possible answer, but it would involve a choppy and very rough plane ride into 'Trapper creek' east of Talkeetna.

Here is yours truly, about to face a very nauseating plane ride.


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