There are strict guidelines in the disposing of an infected corpse. Do not bury, burn or otherwise dispose of any deceased person. You are required by law to call your local authorities for collection and quarantine.
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'The Human Race'
With Race Barrington
A ZWN's special report

Northern Exposure Pt. 3

'Closed Until Further Notice'
Posted: 03/21/08

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Nome under quarantine

Our arrival at Nome, Alaska was greeted by a bitter cross wind laced with biting hail and snow. The town was now under strict quarantine, imposed since the massacre in early march. Residents come and go throughout the small town but all exits beyond are heavily guarded.

Ask anyone in Nome and they probably knew the 9 researchers who were so brutally slain by their undead assailant. The lab had been established since 2005. The researchers had become a semi permanent fixture amongst the mainly native indian population.

They visited the small bars, ate at the local cafe's, and socialized as any other inhabitant of this remote community. They made many friends, all of whom were devastated by the news of the massacre..

A government imposed quarantine such as this can have a strangulation effect of most any town or city. Commerce is mainly halted. People tend to burrow down and stay protected (or so they hope) in their homes. "Trust also becomes an issue" says local resident and waitress Morgan Pichue who works at the 'Big Stop' diner, "You see someone stumble and folk think they have the infection.", she laughs to herself and continues, "they're probably just half cut on whiskey, There isn't a whole lot else to do here right now."


A police light proves an ominous presence(left) 


Shortly after taking this photograph, I was advised to go straight to my motel or risk arrest for loitering.

The local police have the whole area under semi lockdown. People are 'encouraged' not to linger on the streets. Athough no actual curfew has been announced, it is clear that you need to have a good reason to be out on the streets.

Soon, myself and Sheriff Lipton will be allowed to visit the scene of the actual massacre. I am told that a 'probable' account of that nights events will be explained to me in full detail.


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