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'The Human Race'
With Race Barrington
A ZWN's special report

Northern Exposure Pt. 2

'Dramamine and other drugs'
Posted: 03/21/08

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'Trapper creek' east of Talkeetna.
Our tiny two seater plane bounced along the turbulence updraft like an errant kite flown by a small child who had suddenly lost interest in its fate. All the Dramamine in the world would not have helped this time.

Thankfully we landed in one piece. Sheriff Lipton proved a more than competent pilot. I guess that's a pre requisite skill out here - Learning to fly a small plane.

Talkeetna does not so much have an airstrip as a slightly longer roadway that is conveniently next to the police station. We were met inside by 15 year veteran State trooper Kin Lau. Trooper Lau is a significant asset in Talkeetna. Apart from her lengthy police credential, she also work for many years at a New Jersey drug rehab. This shows in her enthusiasm when assisting us on our investigation.

Shortly afterwards, along with Trooper Lau, we were on yet another bumpy ride. This one thankfully by road. It led us to 'Trapper Creek', a sparsely inhabited beautiful wilderness town of less than 500 inhabitants.

Undead incidents
Sheriff Lipton unrolled a map of Alaska on the hood of our 4x4. There were seven red dots on the map. These dots, according to Sheriff Lipton indicated 'minor' mortosis incidents within the state since the outbreak began in late 2006. I mentioned my surprise at so many unreported findings. His answer was that they were largely kept quiet so as not to alarm the public in general. But since the very widely reported incidents in New Jersey, Arizona and Miami, that sort of secrecy has become largely redundant.

Most of these incidents apparently were M-Bomb related. Highly illegal and hugely dangerous factories who's proliferation are spreading at an alarming rate. 'M' Bomb (or 'Mortosis' bomb) is a hybrid of 15 mg of amphetamines with 15 mg of the 'necro-mortosis.' virus. The effect is a numbing of the senses, a disconnected lethargy. But after as few as 2-3 uses they can bring on the onset of the full blown mortosis virus.

Trooper Lau pointed at a place on the map where we will be visiting. It was a former M-Bomb factory near Trapper Creek.

Abandoned factory
We soon arrived at an old fishing lodge. Abandoned, with twisted and torn police cordon tape blowing around it and trailing off into the trees. The lodge has remained disused since late last December, when the illegal factory was discovered. We had to wear masks and gloves even though it had long since been 'un-quarantined' - "simply as a precaution" I am told. The front door showed signs of forced entry. This was where state troopers gained access to the lodge. The door had been heavily secured from the inside, as were all windows.

Inquisitivly , I pointed to a large round hole in the middle of the floor. "That was their escape route" Trooper Lau said. It's a tunnel. Runs about 50 yards into the woods. That's how they got out. That's how they escaped. We never caught them".

Such a simple plan. But effective. They had obviously anticipated such a raid


"Why here?" I asked. "Why Alaska?".

"It's close to Eastern Russia" Sheriff Lipton answered. "They can smuggle mostosis extract here and splice it with the Amphetamines and make the M-Bombs in the middle of nowhere. Then spread it through their normal chains in the US. No borders to cross."

"Why not just make the whole thing in Russia?" I asked.

"They do, many of the eastern soviet gangs and cartels do just that. But it's all about profit. You manufacture it, you make more money. So the US makers want a piece of that action. As much of the pie as they can get." Sheriff Lipton added.

"But it's very unstable" he continued. "It can blow up real easy. In the splicing process it's volatile as hell. This isn't like other drugs. You get a whiff of this when it's in its raw stage and you WILL catch it. No question." Then to further emphasis his point, he continued "People don't come back from mortosis. Have you ever heard of anyone recovering? No. People need to know about this threat. They need to know not to tolerate this. Don't let it into your cities and schools. It's not like any other drug. It will destroy your whole community"

The enemy within
Of course, now I know why ZWN was given such access to this story. Rarely are journalists afforded such access to police records. The government would like our help to educate its citizens on the dangers of the M-Bomb drug. Normally we would take umbrage at such a blatant attempt to manipulate the media. But strangely enough, in this case, I think they were wise. It is a terrible threat. And ZWN is the foremost undead media source for tracking the mortosis outbreak. So we will help. We will take up the fight. But you reading this article must fight too. The greatest friends of this drug are tolerance and apathy. We must not let it get a foothold within our society. If it does? it could decimate our cities within a matter of weeks.

But how does all this tie in with the recent deaths of the 9 researchers, the original reason for my investigation?

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  The escape hole used to flee from State Troopers.

Point of exit - This secluded tunnel led to a waiting plane
  The escape hole used to flee from State TroopersPoint of exit. This secluded tunnel led to a waiting plane


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