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'M-Bomb' The greatest drug threat ever to hit the streets
Posted: 06/07

Gavrie Demidov, was a typical Russian teenager. Not at all different from teenagers everywhere in fact. Energetic, curious, and that wonderful feeling that you are invulnerable.

Born to a greater sense of freedom than his parents and grandparents. He used this liberation to explore the nightclubs and bars that littered his home town of Stavropol in southern Russia. He partied long into the early hours, ecstasy and coke helped prolong the weekends before mundane life crept back in.

But this evening was different. He was casually offered a small green and black capsule, . He took it. He felt high, speedy, eurphoric. That was the amphetamines. 4 hours later, when most drugs begin to wear off, Demidov felt numb, very numb. A decline in his reasoning prohibited him from noticing his temperature dropping, or his heart rate slowing. He sat quietly in the corner of a house in which a party he had apparently wandered into was still going strong.

According to witnesses interviewed by police, Demidov was curled in an upright fetal position, rocking to and fro. He was mostly ignored.

The next morning, after the majority of partygoers had left. The host began to usher the rest out. A few stragglers remained, either friends of the host, or simply too exhausted to leave.

This was when Demidov was noticed. Only this time he was not ignored. He was gargling and mumbling in low guttural tones.

Fayina Andreev, the host, leaned over to Demidov, she wanted to see if he was ok and to try and muster him to leave. He mumbled incoherently. Andreev leaned in closer to hear what he was trying to say. There was a moment of recognition with Demidov. Andreev was no longer in his peripheral vision. This was when he lurched upwards in a Pavlovian motion, to bite her. He caught her left cheek and part of her hair between his teeth. It was enough to make her scream with such force, that even the most disconnected person in the house was rallied to her assistance.

They pulled Demidov away from her. But his teeth in defiant locked jaws dislodged her esophagus. She died within a few agonizing minutes, choking on her own blood.

Before the police arrived, 5 more people were killed and each one reanimated within minutes of death.

Within weeks, with the owners permission, the house was demolished . Who would ever live there again?

So why did this happen? How did Demidov become a reanimate?

For the answer, we have to look at the small pill he took less than 12 hours earlier. It's called an 'M-bomb.' 'M' for 'Mortosis'. Yes, the unthinkable has occurred. There is now a capsule out there, readily available across several borders. It splices 15 mg of amphetamines with 15 mg of the 'necro-mortosis.' virus.

There have been less than a hundred cases reported but many, many more are thought to have gone unreported. ZWN's Science Editor Dr. Nancy Chan warns that typically a user will contract the virus within 3-6 uses. But in Demidov's case it was his first time. "It's almost like putting a gun to your head with one chamber empty. Spinning it and firing. " said Dr. Chan. It's seeming popularity is in the effect of numbness.. A 'spacey', disconnected sense of not caring. But after coming down, even those who do not contract full blown Mortosis, still have a heavy sense of lethargy, depression, difficulty in breathing and aching of joints, even after only one capsule."

"Effects of drug abuse can vary with each individual. Heavier drug users may be tempted to double or treble the amount taken to reach a greater high. This will increase the risk of contracting the virus dramatically."

The Department of Homeland Security has responded to questions raised about the threat to US shores. They stated that anyone caught either manufacturing, trafficking or using this drug with face 25 years minimum on charges of terrorism with a biochemical WMD.




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