There are strict guidelines in the disposing of an infected corpse. Do not bury, burn or otherwise dispose of any deceased person. You are required by law to call your local authorities for collection and quarantine.
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'The Human Race'
With Race Barrington
A ZWN's special report

We Bury Our Loved Ones, And Look To Our Hopes
Posted: 12/10

In many ways, last year was no different than the year before. Lots of people made lots of promises. A search for a cure was still frustratingly out of reach. People continued to die. Many still rose and were re killed. Families remained devastated, whole regions and livelihoods still destroyed.

And yet, probably due to the eternal optimism of a better life, we continued to move forward. Rebuild. Make plans and live our daily lives as normal as we can. Perhaps just the sheer fact that we are all still here and the undead apocalypse has not overrun the planet is testament enough that we will survive and adapt to this world wide threat.

XL-6 Inhibitor
Much has already been said and discussed about this forerunner in the race to perfect a vaccine for the Necro-Mortosis virus. XL-6 is the breakout drug that has had the most promising results. Despite being hampered early on by the Bush administrations refusal to grant additional stem cell research, Amcalon Corporation, was still able to take the drug to a 'stage four' phase of testing. And with it's newly announced $300M federal grant all eyes are on the California based company to develop a serum soon.

USA still not infected
Whilst much of the rest of the world tries to adjust to the prospect of being 'semi infected', the USA has pretty much managed to repel the virus for another year. No mean feat considering their have been several small but significant outbreaks the have been eradicated. It seems that most if not all of these were due to the introduction of the undead from outside sources. There was the Alaskan Ice Station massacre that I myself reported on in a 'four part report for 'The Human Race'.

We also saw use of necrotic's as cheap labor (who didn't see that one coming?) in Pink Hill, N. Carolina. Fortunately, the farm in question was closed before any major incident could arise.

Europe hit hard
Many countries in the European community suffered first hand from undead infestations that at times seemed like they were becoming beyond control. But whilst the rest of the world held their collective breath, these outbreaks were each dealt with effectively and swiftly.

Kudos to Ireland for putting a lid on its Belfast dockland outbreak. Also narrowly escaping a full infestation was Portugal. A small organization of self proclaimed 'liberators' released chronically infected Mortosis sufferers into the nearby region of Oporto. Fortunately the flair up was contained. The 'Liberators' themselves fell victim to those they were trying to emancipate.

Germany's Hannover airport. was the source of an outbreak caused by a leaking Necro-Mortosis container bound for medical use. The troubled Niro-Air escaped with a relatively small fine of $7,250,000 by the EU.

There is always a dollar to be made
Sadly, it doesn't seem to matter what the circumstances are, someone will always find a way to exploit it. This could be said of a new trend in the growing 'Zombie survival industry' - Magpies. I went on one of the most bizarre assignments I have been dispatched to since joining ZWN in 2006. I spent a harrowing day with Russia's notorious SK-avengers. These are a lethal and high corrupt private army who dwell in the decimated ruins of Smolensk. They will, for a price, acquire you anything from food, ammunition or luxuries. They go out and get what the dwellers of sieged and fortified homes dare not.

And so, although we have not found a cure yet, and our Governments continue to squabble about what needs to be done, Mankind in it's own resourceful way is already learning to deal with and adapt to what was once an inconceivable threat, an ultimate doomsday scenario. Lets hope 2010 brings us closer to our cure and ultimate salvation.

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