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Let The Lawsuits Begin
Posted: 02/07

Vera Morganstein grew up in the smoky ale houses and small time clubs of Hamburg, Germany. She didn't mind. It was in her blood. Her Father had once roadied for the Beatles during their early stints at the Kaiserkeller Club at the end of the bustling main block of the Grosse Freiheit.

But this particular night was different. This was her night to celebrate. She had just hosted a modest but successful CD release party, compliments of a new local record label, Zynx.

Having waived goodbye to the last of her friends, she stepped into the cold night air. Her car was only half a block away. What could go wrong?

In her police report later that evening, she clearly recalled the feeling of dread that enveloped her as she rushed to pass the man 'shambling' in the doorways ahead. Just another drunk to avoid. She was used to that. But she was not used to being lurched at and attacked. She knew this was different. Vera screamed. Pushed the attackers face away from her. Frantic movements followed. He bit her. Yes, he bit her. Why did he do that? She ran into a nearby well lit club.

By the time the police arrived, her attacker had gone. Just another junkie. Another report to be filled. Her hand was throbbing. They took her to the accident and emergency wing of the local hospital. Three hours later Vera was at home, nursing her small but painful wound and crying to herself that her night, her special night had been ruined by another drunken yob.

The next day:
Vera woke with a pounding headache. She called in sick to her job at the local florists.
As the day progressed, so did her pain and discomfort. So much so that she took two pills to try and sleep through it all. . Pills to avoid the pain. The monster migraine, The dull aching of her arms and legs.

At 11.30 in the evening Vera woke. We know this because her close friend and backing band mate Olias Sorenson later told police "I got this call from Vera. At first I didn't know who it was. I was about to hang up. But I said, Vera? Is that you? She was pretty out of it. Almost incoherent. I have had calls from her before when she has been drunk or upset, or both. But this was different. I thought she may have overdosed on something. So I told her to stay put and I would be right over"

When Olias arrived at Vera's modest apartment around midnight, he noticed her light was off. "I knocked and knocked. I was worried. Had she done something awful? Those apartments have shitty locks on the windows. She had been burgled twice before. So I shook the window till the latch gave. I climbed through into the kitchen. I remember the sound of a kettle whistling. Droning in the background. I turned it off. It was dry. It must have boiled the water away. I had a feeling of dread. Then I saw on the floor, in the shadows. It looked like a person laying there. But there was something else too. Another figure in the half light. Kneeling over her."

Olias was informed by the police later that the person laying there was actually Vera's mother Christine. Phone records indicated that she too had a late night call from Vera. Christine had rushed over to help. This was where she met a death of the most gruesome kind.

Following Olias's frenzied call, the police arrived within minutes. Vera was taken to jail. Processed. There it was assessed that she was 'mentally unstable and a danger to others.'

It may seem uncanny now, knowing all we do know about Necro-Mortosis and the undead plague that has devastated our world within twelve unforgettable months, but these were better times. No one knew what an undead looked like. Not a real 'zombie'. There were no world wide reports of zombie infestations. There wasn't even a Zombie World News. And so the hospital report labeled her a danger to all but the most experienced orderlies. Recommended that she wear a mouth brace at all times and be confined to the solitary isolation ward for the mental hospitals most notorious and sever patients.

One ex hospital nurse (name withheld) recalls how they would try to bathe her. "She would stink awfully. Of course now we know that it was because her body was breaking down. Decaying. But at the time we couldn't understand it. "Careful, she's a biter, the doctors would say." and so we would try to subdue her by injection. It never worked, We could not make it out. How could double/triple doses not affect her.?"

"Of course now we know that her body was breaking down. Decaying. But at the time we couldn't understand it."

"And so it went. For nine days. That's when we started noticing increasing interest from outside authorities. Special 'suits' showed up every day. More and more. Eventually they took Vera away. Men in Bio hazard suits. They put her in a dog catcher collar. It was horrible to watch. She was in an awful state. Moaning. Drooling. Defecating. (Yes, we tried to force feed her). Her skin, stretching and tearing around the restraints. And that's the last time we saw Vera alive...or whatever she was."

The sad truth is that Vera Morganstein, aged 28, rising musician was 're killed' that afternoon. Dissected , cataloged and cremated.

Someone in government had finally connected the dots between what was starting to emerge in Haiti and the strange case of the mental patient in a secluded hospital somewhere just outside Hamburg, Germany.

You may ask what happened to Vera's mother Christine? Did she reanimate? Apparently not. The reason being that (and I apologize for the graphic details here) Vera had actually consumed a large portion of her mothers brain and head before being restrained by police. And so as we all know now, no brain, no zombie.

Danger Lawsuits ahead:
That was a very tragic story. Of course there have been a legion of tragic stories since this whole nightmare began. But now we come roundly to the whole lawsuit issue. Apparently, following the report released earlier this week by the Scientific Journal of Medicine it is now suggested that the undead are anything but that. They are ..well...deadish. The brain is presumed to be actually kept functioning for the sole purpose of acquiring protein for the necro-mortosis virus. (that's where the fresh blood and meat part comes in). So by that rational, they may be still be 'technically' alive. I guess that's something for the Supreme Court to work out . In the meantime, the grandparents of Vera (Fathers side) have filed suit against the police citing unlawful death. Since the report, lawyers have been descending on all sorts of cases like this. I am tempted to use the euphemism 'like fly's round .............well, you know.' but I wont.

But it is easy to see where all this is headed now. Pandora's box has officially been opened in Germany. Zombies with lawyers. Yes, you heard it here first.



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