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A ZWN's special report

To Have Or Have Not - In Miami
Special contribution from ZWN Senior Correspondent: Jack Duffy
Posted: 11/18/07

In this special ZWN report, I traveled to Miami to try and shed some light on just why the government quarantine and evacuation on Miami is coming under such intense criticism from all quarters, and to investigate the claims that the richer and more affluent areas of Miami are receiving better help and assistance than the poorer sections.

Admittedly, part of the problem is confounded by the simple fact that many residents do not want to leave. The government and FEMA are only required to provide means of assistance for residents wishing to evacuate. They cannot either physically or by court of law, make a person abandon their home if they wish to stay. Rather like a hurricane warning. Most wish to leave,but some will always prefer to button down the hatches and ride it out.

The reasons for this are usually due to residents reluctance to leave their homes and belongings, making them vulnerable to looting. There is also the consideration that many simply don't want to endure the long lines and temporary dwellings an evacuation cente has to offer.

To confound the matter, a large portion of those staying are from Miami's poorer sectors. Many are illegal immigrants desperate to avoid processing by the government check points, A large portion of known gang members are also reporte to be staying, perhaps to gain ground in current turf wars? or to prey on those who stay? Abandoned homes and businesses are being raided at an alarming rate.

The national guard patrols regularly. However, criticism has been leveled at the amount of troops delegated to protecting the affluent areas and the pitifully inadequate number securing and protecting the poorer neighborhoods.

Private security firms are impossible to hire. They were booked up weeks ago.

In Coral Gables, the last few remaining grocery stores, home improvement stores, and gun shops have cleared all inventory. They are reportedly “completely sold out.” This follows rumors of violence spreading toward the affluent area. Rumors of home invasions in several exclusive gated communities by gangs of inner city youth spread like wildfire.

Walt Ballor, owner of Sun City Firearms and Collectibles, told ZWN, “I’ve been sold out of regular guns and ammo for over two weeks, but today I had people coming in and buying flintlocks, muskets, and even replica guns. I tried to tell them these weapons were not designed for regular use, but home decoration, but they didn't’t care. I’m refusing to sell any of my collectibles. Some of them are so old they’d explode and kill you if you tried to shoot one. But, I still had some guy in a Lexus offer me $20,000 cash for a Civil War era 7 shot rifle. They don’t even make shells for a gun like that any more.”

Several communities in the area have lost faith in the police and are attempting to defend their own homes. Residents of Bedderenthou Gardens, a gated community of multimillion-dollar homes, have blocked their development’s gates with bulldozers and other construction vehicles to prevent “invasion.”

“The equipment is mine,” said one army fatigue wearing resident of Bedderenthou Gardens who was patrolling the perimeter of the community with some neighbors. All carrying high-powered rifles. “I own a construction company, and there sure as hell isn't’t any building going on in Miami now. So, I’m going to use everything I got to protect my friends and family.”

When asked about the response from local police to his unauthorized barricade, the man replied, “If they don’t like it they can move it themselves. But good luck, their fuel tanks are empty. And, if they do, some new ones might just find their way back by morning. I own a very big company.”

Another resident, accompanying the construction company owner added, “Yeah, the cops have let those animals destroy our quality of life for decades, now they’re going to come down on us?”

When asked what their plans were if rioters or the undead showed up at their doors, the same man said, “Well, if the zombies show up, we got guns. And, if the rioters show up, they better just turn around.”

Phillip Muscatell, of the Miami Community Under Stress Project, says the riots are the result of a Mortosis quarantine that has gone on too long, and decades of social problems. “Miami is a community that has suffered from poverty related issues and violence for years. Unemployment, drug abuse, high dropout rates, and lack of economic opportunities have bred crime and a plethora of other social problems that are coming to a head under the Mortosis Quarantine.

“Think about it. People have been sitting around for weeks thinking every sound they hear is a zombie breaking into their home. The social support network for many is broken because many of their family and friends have evacuated leaving them with nobody. They have no money because nobody’s working with most of the businesses closed, and even if they do have some cash, there’s nothing left to buy. All they can do is sit around and hope the electricity and cable don’t do out again.

“Then there's the way the Miami police have conducted the Mortosis containment. In rich areas, they send a team in to capture the zombie and take it away for neutralization. But in the poor, minority areas, they just come in with guns blazing. What? We don’t get just as upset when our relatives and friends die? Our families aren’t entitled to the same dignity of not having their brains blown out over the same carpet they watched their kids open Christmas presents on last year? I have over a dozen reports of zombie eliminations where the police rekilled a Necro and just left them there. The families where standing there in shock and the police or coroner never came back. They just left a body bag and told them to bag and tag it and call fr a pick up. What is wrong with them?

Tragedy of mistaken identity
Then there are the untold numbers of uninfected who have been killed in cases of ‘mistaken identity, There was a tragic case yesterday.

It happens every day and absolutely nothing is done about it. It’s like ‘oh, well, they should have ducked and covered.’ I’m not saying they should be thrown in jail. I’m certain that soldier did not want to kill that boy today. He’s probably just some scared kid who is so strung out from having to shoot zombies every day that he just snapped from the stress. He probably should have been pulled from duty long ago, but they left him in. Then today, a boy jumps out and scares him, and he shoots instinctively because he can’t tell the difference between a zombie and a living person anymore. Tomorrow, that soldier will probably be on another mission somewhere else, and the little boy will be just as dead. And, they wonder why there are riots.

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