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'The Human Race'
With Race Barrington
A ZWN's special report

Part 1 of a special ZWN report on the multi-billion dollar growth industry of Zombie suppression.

'Fortress Europe.'
Even with the latest home security systems installed, more and more residents are finding that they need to do more to protect their homes. We begin this first report with a look at what some are calling 'Fortress Europe.' It is a reference to the new trend in home protection. Europe has an undeniable vulnerability to undead attacks. This is due to the sweeping migration of the necro-mortosis virus from Africa over to Eastern Europe, and from there, slowly spreading a path west all the way to Great Britain, and even north to Russia.

People are becoming pro active. Even in cities that have never suffered an outbreak. Doors are closing. Windows are being barred. And communities are being guarded. Never mind gated communities, that's so 20th Century. Now developers tout 'Fortress communities.' Virtual compounds. Self contained units, able to withstand (they claim) an aggressive onslaught of the infected undead.

So what do these 'Fortress communities' offer? We asked Jaques Rhefeldt, Marketing Director for 'Compound Community'. Frances largest Fortress community developer. He said, "Today's home buyer has different needs from last years home buyer. Whereas previously they were primarily concerned with a good neighborhood, clean streets, proximity to schools, now people want safety, safety and safety."

"Our Fortresses' offer the ultimate in peace of mind security. High walls, guard towers, gates, and electric fences. Each community inside is completely contained. It provides schools, shops, parks, fitness center, even a movie theater. The only reason to ever leave is to commute to work. And many of our citizens are quitting their regular jobs, in order to work from home. Enabling them to stay within the gated walls."

Guard towers and electric fences guard this community in Switzerland

Did he say 'Electric fences'?
Are theylegal? apparently yes they are. So are the guard towers. Laws have quickly changed to adapt to the undead threat. Private security has never been more in demand. But doesn't this suggest a movement back to the old Europe of castles and moats? "I guess it does laughs Jaques, ............but they worked didn't they?"

Well, perhaps they did. But there is one case where even high walls didn't stop a Zombie outbreak. I am referring, of course, to the infamous september 5th, 2006 uprising in Bulgaria. I asked Jaques about that incident, in which a whole community was essentially wiped out, he paused for a moment to consider his next answer. Then simply said "They didn't have electric fences did they"

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