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Cry Zombie
Posted: 01/07

Crying 'Wolf' is okay, Just Don't Cry 'Zombie.'
I received the following intriguing story yesterday. See what you make of it

Grenwich Movie Studios, Miami, Fl.

While setting up his gear in the back lot of the stages, an anonymous set photographer on assignment to take publicity stills for an upcoming film being shot at the studio, noticed what he thought to be an actor rehearsing in the parking lot.

"Shambling and shuffling" along, the photographer snapped a few shots as the "actor" approached.The photographer continued to shoot as the actor moved closer when suddenly and without warning,

"This dog just comes roaring around the corner, snapping and growling. I thought the whole thing was a stunt, some kind of reality TV, because there were no cameras in evidence. I figured someone was pranking me!"

The dog attacked the actor, clamping down on his arm, a struggle ensued, and they both disappeared into the bushes.

The photographer was going to follow but was stopped by producer, Emily Sherman.
"She came out of the side door and asked what I was doing, saying that everyone was waiting for me. I told her I thought they were shooting some kind of zombie picture in the lot."

Police called to investigate.
After reviewing the digital stills, the movie company immediately called the Miami Police Department to the scene.
Sherman told MPD "We're shooting a romantic comedy, there isn't a zombie in the entire movie!"

Identity of victim unknown
Although the actor could not be identified, Sherman stated "He looks a lot like a guy, Bobby Martini, an actor who was in the islands shooting on the sequel to Pirates, but we haven't seen him in months."
Martini cannot be reached for comment.

Could this be Missing Actor Bobby Martini?

Florida stunt coordinator Artie Malesci is very disturbed by the incident. "That was a very expensive, well-trained stunt canine, used to playing rough. He was completely disappeared without a trace. Those kind of animals do not run away."

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