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With Kim Harwell
ZWN's special report correspondant

McCain/Obama spar over
commitment to eradicate
undead menace

Posted: July 6th. 2008

Amongst accusations of 'flip flopping' by either side, it seems the question of who can handle the undead threat most effectively has finally taken the forefront of the battle for the presidency of the USA.

Up until now, neither side has been willing to make a central issue of the world wide threat of an advancing 'Necro-Mortosis' plague. However, the McCain camp fired the first salvo at a meeting with local farmers in Idaho this weekend. When asked "who will protect us best from the necro's?" by an elderly concerned lady, McCain responded "The fine American people of this country deserve a president who has a plan and who will stick to it. A president who will not change course. Senator Obama is on record as voting against the bill for assault of May, 2007."

The bill in question was a controversial amendment introduced by Republicans but had many co sponsors and bi partisan support. It stated that anyone who was attacked by a possible reanimate could be tested for the mortosis virus. Consent was not required.

The bill quietly passed during a special late night session of congress in 2007

The Obama camp came back swinging with accusations that McCain himself supported a recent controversial bill that re appropriated government funds earmarked for Home Securities. And reduce grant funds for major urban areas in the US.

Randy Scheunemann, McCain's foreign policy adviser said. "The position of [McCain's] campaign is that words do matter, and Sen. Obama's words have left a significant question as to exactly what he intends." Scheunemann said Sunday in a conference call with reporters.

It seems clear that by these two early skirmishes that the undead presence in many parts of the world will be a major concern to the US voting public.

A recent ZWN poll suggests that the economy is still #1 concern, The undead threat is#2, terrorist threats and the war in Iraq are #3 followed by the environment at #4.

A separate ZWN poll suggests that Mccain has a slight edge in the polls when it comes to security issue with 46% favoring McCain over 42% Obama. However, Obama still has a strong lead in domestic issues.

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