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With Kim Harwell
ZWN's special report correspondant

The strange case of Germany's 6 missing bankers, 1 'liquefied' zombie, and 250,000,000 in stolen euros
Posted Jan. 1st.. 2011, Editorial: Kim Harwell.
Story report: ZWN Field Reporter Michael Schneider

Kreutendorf, Munich, Germany

27th. December, 2010

It was the first weekend of the hunting season. Martin Brauer, the 52 year old owner of a small hunting lodge in Kreutendorf near Munich, had long anticipated his annual vacation. He used the lodge every December. Spending several days hunting and fishing. Celebrating new year with a few close friends. And avoiding the cold winters chill with the roar of an open fire.

This year he traveled a day earlier than his companions, so that he could prepare the cabin and make it as hospitable as possible.

What Brauer found on 27th. was not his picturesque, snow covered retreat, but a cabin with a broken window, through which a frigid wind whistled through.

"I knew something was wrong straight away." said Brauer. "I thought either kids had broken in and vandalized, or a large animal was perhaps looking for food "

Brauer, took his 2-76 Shotgun from the trunk of his car and cautiously approached "When I entered, there was an overpowering smell of decay in the cabin."

"That's when I heard bumping and shuffling sounds behind the living room door. I took my phone and called the Police. I told them there was something strange in my cabin." The Police advised Brauer to remain outside and not to investigate. They would dispatch someone immediately.

But Brauer, ignoring police advise, tried to make contact with the intruder. He approached the door and called out for them to identify themself. It was then that the bumping stopped. But the uneasy silence ended abruptly. A shuffling and a low, gutteral moan followed. It was clear to Brauer that whomever or whatever was on the other side, now knew of his presence. It shuffled over towards the door.

It started to scratch on the thick oaken wood. The bumping started again. This time against the lower half of the door. "I was convinced that I had an animal trapped" said Brauer. But when the deep moaning started to emanate from the other side, Brauer became scared. The moans were followed by the seeping of a "foul smelling liquid" from under the doorway. 'It was disgusting. I never want to smell that again" Brauer continued.

It was then that Brauer opened the door. "I don't know why I did it. I think I was angry. I thought someone was urinating on the door. A drunk perhaps. I opened it and I don’t know what was worse… the smell or the sight. I’ll never forget that!”

The room to his idyllic hideaway was filled with the stench of rotten flesh. Clouds of flies comverged in swarms. Dried feces and blood was everywhere. And amongst this putrefying mess was a re-animate. Futilely trying to crawl towards him. It's legs long past working, it's skin in an advanced state of decay. It dragged a trail of liquid filth as it tried vainly to reach Brauer.

Brauer stepped back, and shot both shells of his 12-76 into the head of the corpse, re-killing it instantly. Following the arrival of the police, Mr. Brauer was taken to the nearest Hospital that had a quarantine facility, 20 miles away.. He was reportedly treated for shock, and is still being held for 'observation', whilst waiting results of necro-mortosis tests.

Meanwhile, Hazmat teams move to destroy the building whilst CSI-Teams have begun Investigations to identify the reanimate.

28th. December, 2010
Forensic results arrive and it's good news for Brauer. He has been declared necro-mortosis free and was released the same day. The results also state that the, as yet unidentified, re-animate has been dead for at least 2 1/2 weeks. Examination of skin tissue along with the discovery of hundreds of fly pupae within the open wounds suggest that the undead (male) had been in "a constant parameter of high humidity and a controlled environment. This was due to the room being kept at a high 35 degrees celsius. This is why there was an accelerated state of decomposer, leading to excessive bloating and advanced liquefaction of the flesh." according to the initial forensic report.

Personal means of identification, including a passport, have revealed the corpse to be that of Stefan Sunder (43). Other means of identification proved too difficult, due to his upper teeth been shattered. His lower jaw was also missing. This could have been due to the shotgun trauma to the head. His fingers, in an advanced stage of decay, could not provide readable prints. However, police are confident that they have the undead male identified to their satisfaction.

The bacteria on his body, left to flourish, had gone through all the major stages of infection and decay or "Faunal succession to purification" as it is often referred to in the medical community. The fly's found within the wounds of the skin were 'flesh flies. These are typically only found several days after death has occurred. The body was bloated but animated, and authorities have suggested that it would have continued to remain in that state for at least another 5-10 before complete and catastrophic trauma would have reduced it to a harmless (but toxic) mess.

A Corpse looses up to 5 Pounds of weight every Day. Calculating nearly 18 Days within this Room, Mr. Sunders Re-animated body lost about 90 Pounds of Tissue.

Authorities assum at this point, that Sunder was infected before entering the lodge. He most likely succumbed to necrosis whilst in the confines of the cabin.

The Hunting Lounge was build about 1890, and the door to the Living room has an old-fashioned push-aside-mechanism. It is believed that once inside, the undead Sunder was unable to operate the door successfully. His motor skills were not sufficient to overcome the challenge.

The room was so badly infected with Sunder's toxic wounds, that the lodge has been deemed too dangerous to remain standing. It is scheduled for demolition early next week.

29th. December, 2010

Munich police have confirmed that Stefan Sunder had been listed as a missing person since November. He has also been described as 'a person of interest' regarding his role in a 6 person crime ring suspected of illegally manipulating the DAX index in a successful transfer of 250M euros off shore to the Caiman-Isles.

Judging by the Flight Tickets to Moscow that were found in Mr. Sunder's suitcase, it seems that he planned to leave Germany, from Munich Airport , 5 hours after the Money-transfer took Place .

Why he did not use the Tickets, but was found Re-animated 3 Weeks later is not clear to the authorities at this point. However, an international search is underway for the 5 remaining suspects. All bankers, and all of German residency. Interpol is assisting in the investigation, and all assets of Saunders have been frozen.

30th. December, 2010

The internatio

nal plot unravels further, as a second banker, Claude Schröder (32), was found in a remote area of Tunisia, in an advanced stage of necrosis. His girlfriend reported him missing around the same time as Stefan Sunder. Schröder was reported to authorities after witnesses saw him wandering in a state of confusion, followed by signs of aggressive behavior. He was later confirmed to be a carrier of the necro-mortosis virus.

Oddly, this second person involved in the international crime, has no upper teeth or lower jaw either. His finger tips were worn away. Schröder was identified only by the papers he was carrying. This could be a simple coincidence, helped by the onset of decay. Or it could mean that someone is going out of their way to conceal the identities of these two men.

ZWN will continue to follow this developing story

Insightful and indepth special reports by Kim Harwell

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