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With Kim Harwell
ZWN's special report correspondant

Island Of Lost Souls
Posted: 8/9/06

I am reporting from Cuba. Only a thin band of water separates us from Haiti. 'Ground zero' of the virus known as the 'Necro-Virus' or Necro-Mortosis to be medically accurate.

The entire Caribbean island of Hispaniola, including the Republic of Haiti, the Dominican Republic and all it's surrounding islands have been quarantined. All non military flights -grounded. Frigates from Britain's Royal Navy have blockaded Port-Au-Prince harbor. Allowing no vessels in or out. Meanwhile, French warships patrol the waters around the Dominican republic. Two Spanish F-80 class frigates are heading for the area from home port of 'Rota'. Their role will be to patrol the Windward passage. This is a vulnerable straight between Cuba and Haiti. It is feared that flotillas of boat people will try to flee through this route.

Difficult choice
This is a tragedy of biblical proportions. The people of Haiti and Hispaniola face a terrifying choice. Either stay and try to survive on an island that each day brings growing hordes of Zombie undead. Or risk all in a boat trip where your chance of survival is almost as slim.

President René Préval has stated officially that he is in complete accord with Nato's quarantine. However, it is felt that there is a growing disenchantment between Préval, his Lespwa party, and the people of Haiti. Mass rioting has been rampant on the streets of Cite Soleil. Ironically, this was the same area that saw fierce rioting in support of Préval in the mid nineties.

Additionally, the port of Saint Marc and Chomonde have all but been abandoned by the Haitian National Police Force, and many of the remaining cities form the battlefields of confrontations between Préval loyalists, rebel sympathizers, and roaming bands of Zombies.

UN Peacekeepers prepare to enter Haiti

In a bold move by the UN. Peacekeepers are arriving to try and quell the unrest. However, this situation is confounded by the dynamic of rioters attacking the UN. Growing lawlessness and increased Zombie infestation.

"People are scared" said UN General Etienne Roux. "They are desperate to flee. And we are the barrier between them and the sea."

The situation is so bad in parts of Haiti, that hordes of Zombie undead simply roam freely throughout the cities and neighboring communities. Added to that, the countries economy has collapsed overnight. Tourism, a main source of income, has folded completely.

But where is the public outcry from the rest of the world? where are the protests in New York and London and Paris demanding freedom for the people of the Republic of Haiti? There is only resounding silence. Is this the new attitude of the west? 'Rather my neighbor than me?"

Nato Frigate docked in Port-Au-Prince Saturday

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