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There are strict guidelines in the disposing of an infected corpse. Do not bury, burn or otherwise dispose of any deceased person. You are required by law to call your local authorities for collection and quarantine.
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With Kim Harwell
ZWN's special report correspondant

Quarantine To Be Lifted
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica
Posted Sept. 28th.2014

Jamaica. The premier tourist destination of the Caribbean. An idyllic get away for millions of vacationers each year. But all that changed in April, 2014

This was when Jamaica saw a dramatic rise in its recorded cases of zombification, ‘Doctors without borders’ called it ”unprecedented” .

The world wide undead virus, ‘Necro-Mortosis’. has been present in Jamaica for several years now. But the sudden rise in cases and subsequent zombie attacks has the World Health Organization concerned.

The Jamaican military initially took control of the situation. Responding to localized incidents and neutralizing the undead. But soon the shear volume of reports and zombie attacks increased to such a high level that British forces were called in to assist in the suppression of the undead.

The Jamaican government made every effort to minimize panic. But by the end of April, infected reanimates were captured on hotel surveillance cameras, wandering in the exclusive grounds of the ‘Palms Negril’ hotel in west Jamaica. This lead to a mass exodus of tourists as frightened holiday makers scrambled for any exiting coach, plane or boat. The airports at Kingston and Montego bay were overwhelmed.

Shortly after, the grim discovery of a bus filled with mainly German and Italian tourists was found overturned on a remote jungle road. All 32 passengers were later identified as having been savagely attacked by the undead. The subsequent finding of reanimated corpses in the surrounding area raised the outbreak level to 'Category A".

And so, by early May, President Obama pressed the United Nations to impose a carefully worded ‘disease containment’ of Jamaica. By avoiding the term ‘quarantine’ the administration hoped to ease the passage of the proposed resolution.

May 24th. Nato bowed to increasing pressure and a full ‘disease containment’ was imposed. This included an early evening curfew for all residents. Along with military road blocks, a full scale army presence, international travel and border restrictions and workplace and school closings.

By early July it was confirmed by authorities that the cause of the outbreak was traced to an accident at an illegal M-Bomb factory.

An 'M-Bomb; is the street name for splicing together 15 milligrams of amphetamines with 15 milligrams of the ’necro mortosis’ virus. It's popularity is in the drugs unique effect . Numbness and a 'spacey', disconnected feeling. But after coming down, even those who do not contract full blown Mortosis, still have a heavy sense of lethargy, depression, difficulty in breathing and aching of joints, even after only one capsule. Withdrawals can be sever, and full blown zombification can be contracted within as few as 3-4 uses. It has been called the most dangerous drug of the 21st century.

Authorities speculate that one of the workers at the M-bomb factory may have contracted the virus. The dense vegetation and seclusion from the main population, meant it took several days for the virus to take hold and spread into the general population. Quarantine authorities had found ground zero

This was the break needed to isolate the spread of the virus. Focused strategic bombing sorties by military helicopters and controlled burning of dense areas of jungle helped eradicate the virus from spreading further.

It still took several more weeks before containment was declared to be successful. But finally, after 5 months, and with a casualty count of over 1100 dead, Jamaica’s quarantine, or ‘disease containment’, is finally over. No one knows at this point just what the long term effect will be on its economic infrastructure, but in the short term it has been devastating. Public unrest at the huge military presence and enforced isolation has left a deep tear in the fabric of Jamaican life.

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