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Posted: May 17th, 2008
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In a move that is certain to provide a boost of confidence to investors, the World Health Authority (WHA) and medical research pharmaceuticals giant Amcalon announced yesterday that the WHA will be providing a 15% cost assistance to all remaining phase two trials of the XL-6 mortosis inhibitor.

Excitement over recent 'real world' results have provided a much needed stimulus to the development of the super drug. Researchers are quick to point out that it is not a vaccine. It does however, inhibit the progression on necrosis throughout the system, this along with quick amputation of the infected appendage and a new heat treatment designed to maintain core body temperature seem to be providing promising results so far.

Hopes of a fast track introduction of XL-6 through medical trials were dashed when back in September 2007, the Bush administration signed a legislation banning the use of three of the five listed stem cells needed to proceed with testing.

However, Amcalon recently introduced the test drug into Europe via Germany and Spain and also South America via Peru. It's success in a well publicized recovery by recent reanimate attack victim Silke Koch (21) in Hannover, Germany has caught the attention of the world press.

There has been no statement from Amcalon at this point in regards to when phase three (of four) testing will begin.




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ImClonex Systems (nasdaq: $25.23
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OIL - 0.71 0.78% = $90.13
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