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Opportunities As New
Markets Open For A Post Mortosis World.

Market Indices

ImClonex Systems (nasdaq: $25.23
IMCLX) Amcalon (nasdaq: AMCN) $84.27 

NASDAQ 26 19
Amex 2 2
NYSE 26 5

NIKKEI 13,549.23 -234.22 -1.70%
HANG SENG 24,808.02 -306.96 -1.22%

OIL - 0.71 0.78% = $90.13
10YR 30/32 105 4/32 = Yield: 3.62%

Opportunities As New Markets Open For A Post Mortosis World.
Special financial report from Tokyo.

ZWN Financial Correspondent: Will Mitchell

Posted: Dec. 13th, 2007 Bookmark and Share

Roller coaster financial fluctuations continue internationally, due mainly to continued market isolation and trade seizure. Additionally, border closures to prevent the relentless spread of Necro-Mortosis, are affecting the international monetary market. The Yen, Euro and Dollar are seemingly held hostage by the spread and fear of infection.

The demand for durable goods throughout the G8 country’s continue to sky rocket due to the sudden and abrupt halt of importation of cheaper foreign materials. As populations decrease, a dwindling labor supply has forced a sharp up turn in international inflation and in some isolated cases has led to price gouging and market monopolization of certain perishable products.

Meanwhile the less industrially developed countries have seen sharp downturns in foreign demand for their manufactured goods, this is due to increased isolation and in many cases, unilaterally imposed quarantine. They have suffered considerable set backs in production quotas and profit margins along with sharp decreases in available labor sources as their numbers dwindle in the face of fear and reanimation.

As market analysts worldwide predict continued turmoil and uncertainty in the global economy, some are forecasting certain financial benefits in the not so distant future as a revival of domestic manufacturing is beginning to take hold throughout the now isolated Western and European countries. In specialized market sectors, commodoties such as raw defense materials such as copper, aluminum, steel, along with refined and manufactured goods like munitions, tactical military apparel, body armor, facial masks and protectants, medical masks, rubber gloves and the growing industries of 'Zombie Defense', have all experienced a large increase in production because of existing demand and highly profitable.

Some analysts are going so far as to predict that the western markets will return to a pre cold war era Plateau of production and profitability. The supply of foreign goods and supplies have been all but extinguished in the domestic markets of highly industrialized and developed nations and demand will continue to rise as will the industrialized base of these nations continue to provide and meet demand in these times of uncertainty.

ImClonex Systems (nasdaq: IMCLX), is feeling the patience of it's investors wearing thinner as its Phase III trial for Mortosis vaccination drug Ibrex, continues to flounder in R&D, It was down off $2.31, or 2.9%, to $31.18.

Amcalon (nasdaq: AMCN) rallied today with news that the XL6 testing is benefiting from the recent announcement that scientists have discovered a way to reprogram human skin cells to act like embryonic stem cells. Up 4% to $72.78

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